This photo gallery is intended as a resource for the general public as well as for practitioners in the fields of agriculture, biodiversity conservation and rural livelihood development.

The Ecoagriculture Flickr site serves two roles: 1) as a stock photo site with images of elements of ecoagriculture (as well as images of Ecoagriculture Partners and events) for use by our staff, partners, other supporters, the media and the general public; and 2) as a teaching tool for practitioners who want to learn more about ecoagriculture practices in the field.

All photos are tagged for easy searching. You can also browse photos by collections.

Users are free to use these photos as long as they are credited to their respective photographers. We would love to know who is using our photos. Please kindly leave a comment on the photo you have found a use for. Testimonials would be great too.

We also encourage users who know more about the features depicted in the photos to edit the descriptions and add tags to further enhance the searching and usability of this site.

If you have found these photos useful for your work, please consider donating to Ecoagriculture Partners.

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