What the hell does this have to do with punk rock?


"You're obviously not aware of who Jimbo is are you?


Along with his band (The Rooster Molesters), this man was responsible for the classic punk rock hit, "Stop Grabbing My Biscuits, Bitch" and one of the seminal British punk rock albums of the late 70's "Anyone who pays their TV licence is a wanker". I suggest you rush to your nearest punk rock record shop and ask them to order you a copy.


Video footage of Jimbo and the Rooster Molesters is particularly good for an idea of what British punk was like "back in the day" (and also contains scenes of Jimbo pulling some of the wildest air-guitar ever seen!).


As you can see, this has a lot to do with punk rock."


- Joel wrote this many years ago. It's much more interesting than anything I could say about myself.


I used to work at the National Maritime Museum (NMM) so you'll also find me in the Flickr Commons, Sailor Chic and Beside the Seaside groups.

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