I am an Aussie artist who likes to celebrate the strangeness of our world through emotional poetry, fantastical digital art, and cinematic photography, so sit back and enjoy the bizarreness that is me.
I am interested in people, their expressions, their reactions, their behaviors, their imaginations and their darkest thoughts. I have a background in literature, psychology, theater as well as photography, and i love to bring all these things together to make a piece. music is also a big part of how i work, if i don't have a soundtrack to my image, then it just doesn't feel finished. I am currently furthering my talents, by studying a bachelor of visual and media arts at Monash University Australia.
I'll try anything once, just to learn something new. I love that art can be so experimental and conceptual. i love that there is no right or wrong answers, just new ideas. Artists are the highlighters if society, we are the ones who stand out from the rest and say what is right and wrong with our modern society. we go against the social norms, and that is the best thing about being an artist.
feel free to follow me on twitter,
@artstrawberries, or email me at eatingstrawberries@myspace.com
I have had my works published in numerous places, such as The Pink Panther Magazine- an online feminist publication, The Earth Monster Initiative art blog, and The Touched By Fire art blog


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Eating Strawberries
January 2011