Tall and annoying and a secret redhead

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    Ice Nine says:

    "Captain Jack Dyson is one to be messed with.

    If you're really lucky he'll furrow you in return.

    And as an expert furrower myself, I can say the good Capt'n is quite adept considering his obvious physical deficiencies.

    I mean he ain't a tractor..."

    March 18th, 2007

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    bobrafto says:

    "Jack is an incurable sex addict and has a split personality as well as a split nationality. Jack embodies the confident qualities that the kiwis have in ample quantities, apart from that some of his pics are a o'k."

    February 4th, 2007

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    fanatical question says:

    "Jack Dyson make reel good storys and fotos. He always help Günther laff at end of long hard international european popstar day. Womens show him much love & respect because he have gentleman 2000 style. skoal Jack Dyson!"

    May 25th, 2006

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    Nicole Richie says:

    "Dyson and Gunter should fuse their sperm together, impregnate Corin and make the world's sexiest bitch. Love ya sexy."

    May 12th, 2006

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    ♥ shhexy corin ♥ says:

    "GrowlingJackDyson just makes me purr..."

    January 21st, 2006

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    Dipsicle says:


    April 5th, 2005

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    speshialk says:

    "Here we have a superhero, a true giant among men. God bless the Lakeman."

    April 5th, 2005

Jack Dyson
February 2005
London, Yes
I am:
Male and Single
idiot savant / grand panjandrum