I’m an outdoor photographer originally from Scotland but now living on the outskirts of the Peak District National Park in the UK. I am also husband to an awesome wife and father to a gorgeous and hilarious young daughter.


I call myself an outdoor photographer. I could otherwise be called a landscape photographer or, rather excitingly, an adventure photographer. I’m less concerned with putting myself in a box and more about putting myself outside with a camera in my hand!


Photography is my passion and I love being in the outdoors often creating serene and tranquil images as a quiet repost to the hectic world we live in. Hopefully they convey the sense of peace, freedom and wonder I find when I’m alone in the wild.


My Background

As a boy growing up in the Scottish Borders I was enthralled by computers more than the beautiful world around me. I pursued that passion and studied Software Engineering in Manchester before moving to London in 1999 to take up a job as a software developer. I returned to the North West in 2007 when my company opened a new office in Salford. This coincided with my 30th birthday, my marriage to my wife several months later and also with developing a passion for photography. Quite a busy period!


My father and grandfather had always been photographers but for whatever reason I shunned it. I wasn’t particularly creative either musically or artistically at school, and those lessons clashed with my more proficient classes in computing studies, maths and physics. As much as I consider software development to be as much art as science, it felt that creativity was for other people.


During my late 20s I started using point and shoots then bridge cameras as I started to explore the world more widely. This ignited something in me, slow at first, during what I like to think as a period of “waking up”, being less of a young man intent on chasing enjoyment in its less desirable forms and becoming more aware of the world, his place in it and his legacy. In preparation for a trip to Iceland – a place that I love dearly – as a 30th birthday present from my parents in 2007 I picked up my first DSLR (Canon 400D). I think this was the start of me saying “I no longer want to be a consumer and destroyer of things, I want to be a creator”.


Since that point I have developed my photography with an ever growing passion and fervour. I love being in the field making images, in beautiful and often peaceful surroundings in all manner of weather. My heart literally skips when the conditions are right, when I see something I am attracted to. I want to translate what I see but, more importantly, what I feel into an image that conveys that earthy isolation. And even when things don’t work out photography-wise I have still spent several hours exposed to nature where I feel a strangely enthralling yet calming sensation.


I’m now at a point where, in my own eyes at least, my work is reasonably accomplished. That’s not to say that I feel I’ve reached the destination in my journey. In more ways than one my journey has just begun. But I believe I’m now able to capture and present images that continue to move me after the event.


So despite my “non-creative” beginnings I feel I’ve found a creative side to me, one that I enjoy immensely and have a desire and confidence to share. Ultimately I think we are all creative and all have a gift to share. This gift is often represesed either by others or even more often by ourselves. We just need to dig, uncover and share it with the world.




Prints of all of my images are available for purchase on my website: www.duncanfawkes.com


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All images are copyright © Duncan Fawkes 2012



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