Dr. Len Radin - Dentist; retired theatre teacher and director at Drury High School, North Adams, Massachusetts; father, grandfather, husband, photographer and cyclist.

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    squarequilter (Betty) -- -- PRAY for the World says:

    "I knew Len back when he was "Drurydrama". I didn't see him on flickr for awhile but when he came back using his real name I had no trouble at all recognizing him as the kind and generous person I knew before.
    It is a great pleasure to call him my friend. His photos take me on virtual trips. I fly in his balloon photos, I see so much more of Alaska than I saw in person. He takes me back home with his pictures of New England.
    You can see the love he has for his family in his family photos.
    I am impressed by that.
    I've considered him a friend for a long time and very happy to find out that he considers me one of his...............
    Keep smiling Len

    March 20th, 2015

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    Mad Men Art says:

    "ArtDirector drurydrama (Len Radin)

    Congratulations - 祝贺您 - Enhorabuena - Parabéns - Félicitations - Gratulation – Congratulazioni – 축하합니다.

    World100F – QualityGroup – Marco"

    August 24th, 2010

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    MarculescuEugenIancuD5200Alaska says:

    "Viewing Len's photostream is a delight. His photostream is packed with images that provide a wealth of information about his outstanding activity as a theater teacher. Besides his love for theater, his photographic art merits the lion's share of attention. He is an outstanding photographer who has an artistic eye for natural beauties of Alaska. I am an admirer of his heavenly captures of clouds, mist and smoke over Alaska, foggy mountains, arctic landscapes, glaciers, flowers, ghost trees, animals and brown bears of Halo Bay. I treasure his amazing photographic vision of Alaska. Thanks my friend for sharing your art."

    July 19th, 2010

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    ANDY LEDDY says:

    "Dr. Len Radin - Dentist; theatre teacher and director at Drury High School, North Adams, Massachusetts; father; husband and amature photographer. That's someline dropped in his profile, maybe said that we almost were colleagues except i've never been a dentist, Massachusetts and Saigon are far away from a half of the earth, i.,e. as Mr Drurydrama is workin'in the same time i gotta go to sleep or on the contrary. But One thing we are the same of photographin'passion.
    Mr Drurydrama has a photography view of a director's, teacher's, performing-artist's, also maybe of dentist's (?!?!?). realistic, overall shots, wonderful-landscapes, flowers, animals, brown-bears in Alaska, even his perfoming play in his school-stage, of course behind his lens, they told me about him, devoted, persevering, mischievous, specialist knowledges, know-how-guy, a nothin'be impossible man, through his photo-stream not only introduced his country, people, his studiers, activities, but recommended himself as well.
    Here A Big Thank To Mr Drurydrama for his testimonial to me, i'd like to present him to all my contacts, flickr-friends : www.flickr.com/ph...

    Nha-Sỹ, Giáo Sư Kịch nghệ, Giám Đốc Trung Học Drury High-School, Tiểu ban Massachusetts, một người cha, một người chồng, và một nhiếp ảnh gia tài tử, đó là vài hàng được viết trong Profile của ông. có thể nói rằng chúng tôi gần như là đồng nghiệp, ngoại trừ chưa bao giờ tôi là nha sỹ thôi.
    Massachusetts và saigon, nơi tôi sống thì cách xa nữa quả địa cầu, nghĩa là khi Mr Drurydrama đang làm việc thì tôi phải đi ngủ, hay ngược lại, nhung có một điều giống nhau là chúng tôi có cùng một đam mê nhiếp ảnh.
    Mr Drurydrama có cái nhìn nhiếp ảnh của một giám đốc, giáo sư, một nghệ sỹ biểu diễn, và cũng có thể từ một nha sỹ nữa (?!?!?) Những cú chụp bao quát, tả thực, những phong cảnh tuyệt vời, hương hoa, thú nuôi hay những chú gấu nâu vùng Alaska ngay cả như những vở diễn ngay trên sân khấu nhà trường của ông....Dĩ nhiên phía sau ống kính ấy, những tấm ảnh cũng nói với tôi về ông, tận tường, chu đáo,hóm hỉnh, một kho kiến thức chuyên môn, một người "cái gì cũng biết" hay một người "không gì là không thể" xuyên suốt qua photo-stream của ông không chỉ giới thiệu về đất nước, con người, học trò của ông, những hoạt động mà còn giới thiệu chính ông.
    Tấm hình này được thực hiện mang tên ông để bày tỏ sự cảm ơn quý báo về việc Ông đã viết testimonial cho Andy tôi, đồng thời giới thiệu xa gần với bạn bè về ông, Mr Drurydrama.'s Photostream : www.flickr.com/ph..."

    August 18th, 2009

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    whitebuffalobk says:

    "I was wondering what I would have to say about Doc that hasn't already been said by the folks who have known him longer than I have. At this writing, I've been involved with Flickr groups for less than 4 months. But in those 4 months, I've met this caring, talented man whose photographic skills, love of theater, and merit as a friend have already been touted by those who wrote about him before.

    I have also found him to be a person who loves nature and to explore nature. His photos go from the skies to the depths of the sea. And include many animals I would probably shy away from!

    But the thing that draws me to him most is his love of his family. When you see pictures of his children you can see the father's pride welling up in him. And he loves his wife. One picture in his photostream I remember in particular is of a drawing of him kissing his wife. That will always stand out in my mind when I think of Doc. He loves his wife and family...and that is beautiful!"

    July 22nd, 2009

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    Dato' Professor Dr. Jamaludin Mohaiadin says:

    "Drurydrama is one of the Flickr members who is so enthusiastic about photography. I enjoy his photographs particularly on nature, sunsets, theatre, flowers and his wide traveling experince. He is good his photography techniges and I sincerely hope we can be good friends.


    June 14th, 2009

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    Tony Gálvez says:

    "Although theatre is clearly a passion in Doc's life - and that shows through his work, his photostream is by no means restricted to that theme. It is also filled with beautiful portraits, landscapes and an explosion of colours. From the deep blue sea to the snow-capped mountains, a true joy to look at."

    May 12th, 2009

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    Michal Rosa says:

    "Doc is one of the nicest people I have had the pleasure to meet on flickr. His kind and insightful comments are full of encouragement. Oh, he is also a photographer with a fine eye for great pics!"

    May 11th, 2009

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    Musicalgruppe says:

    "Doc's Photostream includes some of the best photos in flickr with perfect colors and compositions. They show the feelings and the emotions of moments like no others.

    If I could decide this, I would use this photostream for the Flickr startpage!"

    January 16th, 2009

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    atp says:

    "What I find amazing about Doc is the depth of his love for the theatre. Or theater, whichever you prefer.

    It is clear that not only does he have this love, but he has an enormous ability to share and communicate that love, and inspire new generations to share it. To enthuse others to a degree that they can have a new, life-long hobby is a wonderful thing. When it is something that can so profoundly enhance someone's self-esteem and ability to communicate with others multiplies the achievement tenfold.

    In his photography, he shows us what it was like to be there. We know the drama onstage, and we understand the nervousness felt by the cast before they cross that sight line.

    Furthermore, his ability to encourage others is reflected in Doc's contributions to the flickr community, where his enthusiasm and helpful comments encourage so many of us to share."

    August 3rd, 2008

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    StGrundy says:

    "Light, color, composition and life. That is what you will see in Doc's photos. Of course, it won't take long for you to see how much he loves the theater! Look through this wonderful collection and you will be immersed in stage life.

    Doc is also a giving, caring and involved member of the Flickr community that you would be well served to have in your contact list."

    July 12th, 2008

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    ☜✿☞ Bo ☜✿☞ says:

    "Doc is one of Flickr's finest.
    From the pictures he takes to his very personality, Doc is way out there on his own. His photostream is testimony to his great ability from behind the lens. But his images do not tell the full story. I have found him to be a kind, exceedingly generous and wildly supportive friend. Someone who is always there for you.

    Those fortunate enough to include him amongst their contacts and as a friend could not have made a wiser choice. They, like myself, are very fortunate indeed. Keep your excellent pictures coming, Doc - they are the perfect medicine. But, more importantly, your continued friendship is worth so much more."

    March 20th, 2008

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    Lord Cuauhtli says:

    "Doc! it had been wonderfull to meet you through flickr!!! you and your fantastic pictures that for me are truly art!!! thanks for the friendship that you have offer me!!!! keep taking and showing your world!!!!"

    January 25th, 2008

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    better cheese says:

    "drurydrama's photographs seem to tell the virtuous and honorable story of the pursuit of life, love and happiness in a very beautiful, poignant and dramatic light."

    September 6th, 2007

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