We are nature lovers from Belgium and our "dada" in life is to travel around the globe and visit the last jungles and rainforests left on this planet. We have thousands of colour slides stored in our attic of all the beautiful places we've visited : The heart of Borneo, the forests around Borobudur, the gorgeous beaches of the lovely Corcovado National Park and the Indri in the Andasibe reserve, the lush Angkor Wat and the rainforests in Daintree, the free wandering Orangutans in Bukit Lawang and the colourful poison dart frogs in Bocas Del Toro, the Amazon basin in Misahualli or the 10.000 mosquitoes of the Kaolang Forest...

But now that we've bought a "real" digital camera we're afraid we're going to spend all the time we have left visiting all those places once again. And that's gonna take us another few years surely...

Through our nature and macro photography we're also very proud for having been part of an ecotourism project in Sumatra which supports independent local jungle guides to preserve the ecological environment they live in without disturbing their beautiful stretch of rainforest. The financial benefits of this project will mainly go to those hard working local people responsible for it, instead of international touroperators or hotelchains who only seek profit.
Most credit goes to Louise Sutherland who got it all started. She has become a dear friend. Thank you Louise for the given opportunity to show off our photographic skills. By doing so we're able to return our deep respect to you and the people of Bukit Lawang.
For those adventurous travelers who are looking for breathtaking jungle trips with outstanding local guides, please visit the Harimau Sumatra Travel website.

Since we moved from Belgium to the U.S.A. a few years ago, we now also have the opportunity to explore more of Northern America and it's wonderful nature...and boy, we are thrilled !

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April 2011
Turnhout, Belgium