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Duane Romanell is a fine art photographer/creative director with professional visual experience in fields as diverse as publishing, communications, entertainment, and education technology.

Honors number among recognition by the American Society of Media Photographers (NJ chapter), work featured in Times Square for GE Healthcare’s “Picture a Healthy World” initiative, publication in various independent fine art photography collections, as well as inclusion in exhibitions across the United States.

The artist currently resides in Northern, New Jersey with his wife, the installation artist Christine Soccio, and family.

His early work and witty banter can be found on the following Fotolog.net pages (if not yet defunct):


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Just in case you were wondering.....Yes, you CAN buy your very own high-quality, signed print of one of my photographic creations posted here. E-mail me for pricing and details.

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"Human presence is a creative and turbulent sacrament, a visible sign of invisible grace. Nowhere is there such intimate and frightening access to the mysterious. Friendship is the sweet grace that liberates us to approach, recognize, and inhabit this adventure." - John O'Donohue

"When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence." - Ansel Adams

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    fake_plastic_earth says:

    "I visit Duane's stream often to muse myself but a lot of times I ended up feeding my brain and soul. There are SO many dimensions to your photos and your words it never ceases to amaze me. And it inspires more than you know, Duane. Thanks for opening up my horizon. Masako"

    December 23rd, 2008

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    OldhaMedia says:

    "His work is astonishing, touching, poignant, evocative, funny, gorgeous... He has the eye of a true artist.

    I can't even begin to comment on his technical ability. Starting in photography, moving into design and art direction and then back to photography, his work screams pro! As for his shooting style, he can disappear into the background and record his visions like a fly on the wall."

    January 19th, 2006

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    monkeyc.net says:

    "Photography is more than a skill - Anyone can learn the technical aspects of taking a photograph but it takes an eye and a talent to take truly excellent and interesting images - you can't learn that, you can't buy it and all the fancy cameras and photoshop filters wont give it to you.

    Talent is talent regardless of the tools.

    Duane has that talent : his images inspire and capture the eye and are a true pleasure to look at. Of all the people whose images I look forward to seeing in my contacts Duanes are at the top - I know they will be creative, interesting and have a wonderful story attached and will inspire me to take better photographs myself - and thats what flickr is all about to me.

    Duane youre a creative and talented guy - don't ever let people tell you anything different."

    December 18th, 2005

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    parl says:

    "Duane is one of the kindest souls I've met on Flickr. Both a wonderful photographer and a story teller is he!
    cheers Duane"

    August 10th, 2005

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    annappleaday says:

    "duane, you guy you...:)

    duane is a multifaceted talented "real diamond"....
    his work is unique as is he.

    I love to read his clever comments on all the flickr photo streams...
    he cracks me up!..he also makes me cry..

    since I became a flickr member....i found duane to be the one person I knew who would always have something to say about most every shot i posted.... I always look forward to his funny, keen and sincere comments...

    his photos have thrilled me, saddened me, shook me, and even shocked me :)

    i'm sure there's no one reading this who doesn't already know "who is duane"....
    if there is some one ..please..... you must take a bit of precious rewarding tiime to view his photo stream and read all his most skilled and very witty writings.

    i'm sure you will love his work and him as i do.

    love to you Duane,

    July 31st, 2005

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    Dichoom says:

    "Duane was born with a unique talent and intelligence...
    I took a long time before i write a testimonial for him because first, i wanted to understand his shots...
    Just go through his photos and u'll instantly understand that he put his heart and soul in each and every of them.
    What impress me most are the stories,sometimes hilarious,moving and thought provocative that accompany each of his shots...He's really one of a kind that man..
    Moreover,he's sensible to details...details which a lot of us disregard unintentionally and that's why i think his shots are unique.
    I must admit that i learned some things from him...
    Well Mr Romanell,i dont know how long i'm going to post my photos on Flickr but what i know is that i'm not easily going to forget you,one of the rare 'Flickr' persons who inspired me...

    So guys,go through his shots and you'll never look at the world the same way again.

    Keep up the good work Duane!"

    July 19th, 2005

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    Susan B. says:

    "Duane is not only a nice guy, but he has some of the best comments on flickr. He's a talented photographer, darn witty and a good soul. If there's a heart to flickr, he has one of the loudest beats. Honestly, he's one of the people that makes flickr really worth while."

    July 18th, 2005

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    *ivo* says:

    "Duane is a beautiful person with a wonderful soul. And all that transforms into his work. His photos are like butter... He's just an amazing artist and human being..."

    July 10th, 2005

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    sebastian's belle says:

    "what to say that hasn't already been said? not only does duane take fantastic photos, but they almost always come with a great story, and 95% of the time they make me laugh. combine that with the lovely, friendly and hilarious comments that he tends to post on other people's photos, and i think we can all agree that drp rocks. and then some."

    June 16th, 2005

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    Eliacin says:

    "If Flickr had a mythology. drp would be Zeus."

    June 1st, 2005

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    k-girl says:

    "In your random explorations of the flickr universe, I hope you are lucky enough to stumble across the interactive gold-mine that is Duane's photostream.

    His comments are candid and generous; his photos are a mix of beauty, insight and humour; his stories are engaging.

    Stop a while. Have a browse.

    The Western Spiral Arm of the galaxy has few such places to make you smile."

    May 31st, 2005

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    hellophotokitty says:

    "Drp is a beautiful and a brilliant photographer. His soul shines through every picture, there is so much emotion, vision, feeling in each frame. When I look at his work, I feel alive and inspired. I have met few photographers in my life that have moved me like he does. Keep up the good work my dear. The world needs people with eyes like yours to make this a better place ;-)"

    May 13th, 2005

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    Wall Revolution says:

    "From Garden State to Drive By Shooting, DRP's work is an inspiration. He is a true legend of Flickr."

    April 29th, 2005

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    Rachael Ashe says:

    "My very first testimonial ever for anyone, should of course be for drp. He could never have too many nice things said about him, now could he? I'm convinced that he is the centre of the Flickrverse, and that if he ever left for too long, the whole thing would fall apart. He's a wonderful photographer with a very original eye for capturing striking images. On top of that talent he is also a master of writing - great captions for his images, and interesting comments for fellow flickrees photos. I hope to meet him in person someday, and hang out with Duane and Jolene at Avalon."

    April 25th, 2005

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    ssh says:

    "Duane Romanell is a tallented graphic designer as well as a brilliant photographer, His Ideas and styles on photography
    is extraordinary and i belive he is a Master on photography and Designing"

    April 24th, 2005

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    soleá says:

    "Spotting talent is his business and being talented is indisputable! Love his eye for art and I m not the only one as they ve used one of his fotos for the startpage of flickr! now .. you have to be GOOD to achieve that =D
    Hope he's here to stay!!!"

    April 15th, 2005

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    Scootie says:

    "Not only does Duane capture some startlingly good images, you only have to peruse his photostream to realise that, but he's also one of the 'glue' people holding flickr together. Duane applies his unique vision to other peoples photos as well as his own world, and usually manages to find that special something that you found interesting enough to take the shot originally. He even laughs at your jokes, especially the unfunny ones. Frankly, I can't imagine flickr without him, I'm not even interested in trying."

    March 2nd, 2005

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    McPHX says:

    "Duane is a talent, and always a captain of encouragement. He gives new meaning to the term Photo'stream'!"

    March 2nd, 2005

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    TheAlieness GiselaGiardino²³ says:

    "You are what the world desperately needs more of. Thank you for being, Duane. Love, Peace and Light to you."

    February 26th, 2005

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    helveticaneue says:

    "drp aka duane is a phenomenal editor: effortlessly (so it seems) choosing what to leave in and what to leave out in his storytelling. His images ring warm, true and witty, as does the man.

    this stream is a pleasure to visit. again and again."

    February 25th, 2005

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    Leco Tahan says:

    "Drp has inspired me.
    extraordinary photos have here.
    wonderful sense.
    super photographer

    thanks to open my mind"

    February 24th, 2005

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    pablokorona says:

    "Duane is a genuine, caring, earnest, honest flickr friend. He's recently helped me deal with a period of self-doubt and tame demons.

    I'm honored and thankful to have met him; and to be considered a friend."

    February 23rd, 2005

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    viewfinder says:

    "If you never got to his extraordinary photos at all, chances are you'd still know something about Duane... Flickr must be a massive network (the breadth of which remains well beyond my own measure), and yet no matter how far I wander, deep into the work of strangers from farflung lands, I usually find that he's left his tracks before me, like a friendly beacon. I marvel at his wake in our midst, as he blithely spends time, attention, courtesy, encouragement and his inimitable good humor (he must have been known to the one who first coined the ubuiquitous "LOL"), as if goodwill were currency and he some benevolent billionaire with a mind to spend it all only on us.

    Duane is the "uber-contact." If you've arrived here by chance, do linger... then drop in on his contacts as well. Among the few things nearly as satisfying as his own sense of style and composition is the unique vision he brings to bear when regarding that of others."

    February 22nd, 2005

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    the tomahawk kid says:

    "yeah i know that what i have to say has been said and then said again...multi-talented is what our duane is...a very fine photographer combined with being a real people person...he engages you in lively debate, has a unique view of the world that often comes across in such a humorous way that even across the miles that separate us all, you should still be able to hear someone, somewhere laughing at his comments...he gives and keeps on giving and it's no big surprise that he is one of the true giants of flickr and i've no doubt that he is viewed along those lines by his friends and those that share his 'real' life...i'm very pleased to be in there, among his flickr friends..."

    February 19th, 2005

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    babasteve says:

    "To delve into Flickr is to immediately discover Duane Romanell, otherwise known as "drp." It's not just his fantastic photography you'll discover (and he's got the credentials: an award-winning designer and photogrpaher), but it's also his words you'll see... words of praise and encouragement for great works and their artists, as well as for the emerging beginner and his or her work. You'll see his challenging words, and words of instruction, inserted to hone and sharpen the mind and eye of his fellow photogrpahers.

    "drp" is man of influence among the pages of Flickr. His presence is felt everywhere. To those whom he touches, he becomes a demi-god. It's a pleasure to call him colleague... teacher... friend. Thanks for everything!"

    February 18th, 2005

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    Airchild says:

    "Whether it's urban decay or urban delight, Duane's images often leave you with an "after-awe." You can go back to see them again and again (his sets are highly recommended) and get a myriad of different tastes. His photos are unique in that they successfully spark the viewer's imagination, instead of imposing to them a specific interpretation. I particularly like the saturated colors of his images, which always create a special mood. There is also a strong sense of honesty in his pictures and the way they tell stories."

    February 14th, 2005

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    alex craig says:

    "one of the most generous souls in cyberspace , duane manages to combine a designer's eye for composition with a wonderful sense of irony , I guess I'm saying he manages to take the piss & make it look good plus , he's one warm hearted guy"

    February 12th, 2005

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    dogsbody says:

    "Duane seems to have a strong gravitational pull around here, and it's easy to see why: he's an audacious talent with a camera, and, well, he's just a flat out nice guy. His images jump with artistry, humour and humanity, and even with all that ability he seems remarkably free of ego. His comments and testimonials are epic in number but are unfailingly thoughtful, insightful and honest. He's why the gods created Flickr!"

    February 2nd, 2005

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    50mm says:

    "hey gorgeous :) if my love and your love leave the both of us behind, i'm coming for yOU! heh. and tell jolene i said the same thing for HER too :)) its going to be an interesting time for me on flickr, i can tell. Oh a tESTImonial. hello, everybody? this guy is legit. really. he rawks. do as he tells you. or the authority will be very very angry."

    January 15th, 2005

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    Arlette says:

    "Uncanny senses of form, color and humor. Would be an ace at photographing an army of giant robots battling to take over Earth."

    December 7th, 2004

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    open heart free spirit says:

    "what first brought my attention to him was the beautiful relationship he has with a certain wandering jew... :)
    he makes me laugh and he touches me with his goodness, his big heart and beautiful soul, all of which he translates into art with extraordinary ease..."

    November 28th, 2004

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    elston says:

    "I first came across Duane's work on fotolog, when he was doing 30 days of dedications - a little shout out to people who's work he admired. And when I think of his work now, I always see the human side of it, even when it's a tree, a stream, or a purple feather. Maybe it's the words he writes. Or maybe it's just, like any great artist, he puts enough of himself in the shot.

    If you look, Duane doesn't have any "contacts". He lists them all as friends, and I don't think that's any accident."

    November 20th, 2004

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    Ingrid! says:

    "Duane sees it all, from the big picture to the details, and serves it up with a style all his own."

    November 18th, 2004

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    Terri Lynn says:

    "Duane is artist who catalogs natural elements and human nature into images that ask questions of the viewer. The probing statements he offers, alongside the images, invites us all to examine our own insights into this thing we call life. Explore his images and yourself at the same time!"

    November 13th, 2004

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    Hilary (curioush) says:

    "Duane pays attention!

    To what he sees, and he shoots it, beautifully.

    To what others see, and he captures in words what the photo has captured visually, with a real flair.

    He's a super photographer. Go get lost in his photos for a while. You'll be glad you did."

    November 2nd, 2004

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    Agnieszka says:

    "Duane is as good with words as he is with pictures. An image and a caption. A perfect match.

    Each of his photos tells a story, makes you think, changes your mood. Clicking on a picture he posts is like an exciting adventure. Just try it out for yourselves."

    November 3rd, 2004

  • view profile

    _tris_ says:

    "Aside from being visually captivating, Duane's photos always have heart. He helps me see more in photos, even my own.

    He *is* good. Very good. He always manages to keep his eye on the road AND hold the camera level for his drivebys. What more can you ask for?"

    October 31st, 2004

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