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DTA supplies market & technology leading drone services in the United Kingdom.


Drone land surveying (topographical photogrammetry & LiDAR).

Drone inspection services for buildings, bridges, construction sites, industrial structures, roofs (domestic, commercial & industrial) & wind turbines.

Drone aerial photography & video/film.


We develop our own drone technology systems and are able to fly and apply engineering solutions simply not available from the average drone services companies who fly off the shelf drone systems.


Think of the difference between a standard 4x4 and a Paris-Dakar vehicle and you'll get the idea.


DTA works with some of the leading engineering consulting companies such as Atkins and has several years' experience in delivering market leading accuracy and precision in aerial land surveying.


Our aerial surveying, inspection, photography and video capabilities are of the highest quality.


Take a look at samples of our work and see for yourself.





2 Alexandra Gate

Ffordd Pengam

Cardiff CF24 2SA


Wiltshire office

4 St Michael's Close


Wiltshire SN15 5QG



West Wales office

Cwch Gwenyn



Pembrokeshire SA66 6LJ


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