Street artist / illustrator from Athens / Greece.


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Dreyk the Pirate was born in 1986, Athens / Greece, and ever since a kid loves illustration. In late 90s started from traditional graffiti and under the influence of his studies on Graphic Design in 2004 got in street art movement, where he established the sea imaginary as a motif. In 2006 he graduated and started working as Art Director / illustrator mainly in magazine publications. He loves drawing in the streets worldwide, fat poor sailors and his colour palettes are usually duotone. He participated in many group exhibitions, festivals and culture events. Since 2016 he lives exclusively as an artist working personal projects and commissions.


Selected illustrations and commission work for:


BEAT (GR), Bold Ogilvy & Mather (GR), French Institute of Greece (GR), Adidas Originals (GR), Levi’s (GR), Pictoplasma (GER), Esquire magazine (GR & SP),

Belio magazine (SP), LiFO (GR), ΓΚΡΕKA (GR), Taverna magazine (GR), Kastaniotis Publications (GR), Elbisco (GR), Saristra Festival (GR), Wallpaper designs for Street Colors collection of 39.22 from Carteco (GR), South magazine (GR), Cobalt music (GR), CINEMA magazine (GR), Mellon Helmets & Bike Art (GR), Mural for National Blood Donor Center (GR), Murals for Urban Act (GR), Murals for Baby Grand hotel & Bioiatriki SA (Biomedicine center) in collaboration with The Breeder (GR),

Murals for Karlovasi Street Festival (GR), Murals for Despues club, Mural for Σκάζη cafe bar, Mural for Papadalup cafe bar.



“ΒΑΒΕΛ” International Comics Festival, Athens 2005,2006,2009

“7PLY Project”, Athens 2007, 2009, 2010

“Remap KM”, Athens 2007

“FACADE ET FETE”, French Institute of Athens 2007.

“Berets from Montmartre”vol.1+2, Athens2009.

“Totem Character Synthesis”, Athens Digital Week 2009.

“Galore” festival, Copenhagen 2011.

“Dreamland”, Kalos&Klio gallery, Thessaloniki 2011.

“Missing Link Project” from Pictoplasma at La Gaîté Lyrique, Paris 2011.

“Graphic novels are true", K-Art gallery, Athens 2012,

“BREMIA”, Stigma lab gallery, Athens 2012.

“Zootrope”, CAMP gallery, Athens 2012.

“KENOPHOBIA”, Can gallery, Αthens 2015.

“Karlovasi Street Festival”, Samos 2017.

"Urban Ventures #2", Volos 2017.

"City Call #1", Volos 2017.



“Sincerely Yours”, Artzone42 gallery, Athens 2017.



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  • JoinedOctober 2006
  • OccupationStreet painter/Illustrator
  • HometownAthens
  • CountryGreece
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This testimonial is written under pressure, as I was threatened with rape by this psychotic pirate. I am obliged to say nice words, even if I don't want to. YOU ROCK, BOY! (Love you Dreyky! ***)

February 19, 2010
Thoughtful Advice (deleted)

Love the style of this guy's art! Great stuff! We really admire the freedom and expression in each piece. Very original. Great appreciation for the graffitti style too.

October 1, 2009
Nekotwo says:

I just love Dreyk's sketches and characters, his flickr stream is definitely one of my favorites!

September 9, 2009