Australian, crappy photographer, bag maker, animal lover, swap and craft maniac, unreliable blogger. Check out my shop, blogs and stuff here.

For swaps, here's some likes and dislikes for anyone who's partnered with me:
stuff I like:
-anything handmade
-red, aqua, hot pink & brown
-pretty old-fashioned religious icons
-cats and dogs
-little birdies
-vintage style anything!
-cute fabric
-Amy Butler
-spotty (polka dot) patterns
-knitting magazines
-pretty paper
-beads & buttons
-Kawaii stickers
-homemade mix cds
-wool & embroidery floss
-any sort of cute stationery!
-bracelets (especially handmade)
-hair clips / fun hair products
-exciting tea blends
-penguins, lions, bunnies and turtles
-flavoured hot drink mixes
-craft magazines (especially Japanese)
-art deco
-bath stuff
-candy, lollies, chocolate
-tins / boxes, especially cute or old
-poetry / song lyrics
-Hello Kitty
-kitsch souvenirs

stuff I don’t like:
-Winnie the pooh
-anything with kids/babies on it
-lacy stuff
-“country style” craft
-folk art
-country music
-coffee flavoured stuff
-cherry flavoured stuff
-sour candies

drewzel. Get yours at

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  • What I Gave: Fairy Tales Dark & Wicked for Drewzel ~Cinderella's Glass Slipper by Pinks & Needles (used to be Gigi & Big Red)

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    Pinks & Needles (used to be Gigi & Big Red) says:

    "Steph's my girl! A sweet, compassionate, talented crafter extrordinare! My kindred spirit! Many things important to her are important to me too like animals and cupcakes : )
    Now if only we lived closer!!!!
    Big love to my girlfriend - you're the best!
    PS She can stitch up a storm too! Her handiwork is primo!"

    January 10th, 2008

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    Tastes Like Static says:

    "Stephanie is just too awesome. There isn't much she isn't good at. I love seeing her art, crafts & all around gorgeous photos. She is an inspiration to all crafty people in this world & especially those here on Flickr.

    Sometimes I wonder how she has time for it all. But I guess when you're that awesome it comes naturally."

    November 9th, 2007

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    craftsty says:

    "Oh boy I get to be Steph's first :D

    Steph is the best swapper known to woman kind! She is always sending heapings of goodies in her swaps and does an awesome job at personalizing them just for you! (just look in her photos if you don't believe me :p ) She is also sweet, talented and a good friend to have!

    July 17th, 2007

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