About me,

The Beginnings:

I've enjoyed taking (making) photographs since I was a kid growing up on the far South Side of Chicago. My first camera was a plastic mail-order toy camera that actually took real photos on 120 film. I moved on to various Vivitar 110 pocket cameras until I finally received my first real camera....the Pentax K1000. I used the Pentax K1000 through both grade school and high school. My collection of cameras grew to include the Minolta X-570, X-700, and the Minolta Maxxum 400si along with a host of lenses and other accessories. I studied black & white photography at the South Side Community Art Center on the South Side of Chicago as well as a brief stint studying photography at Columbia College Chicago.


I had abandoned photography for several years until picking it up again just before the start of the digital craze back in 2002. I swapped out all my analog gear for digital gear and never looked back. My first digital camera was the Kodak DC3200 which I absolutely loved. It was a simple 1.3MP digital camera that took crappy photos but what a wonderful introduction to instant gratification. I went through a host of point-n-shoot digital cameras until I finally went semi-pro with the Pentax K10D. In recent years I've also taken a liking to micro four thirds digital cameras. I picked up the Panasonic Lumix GF2 as well as a sweet f2.5 14mm super wide angle pancake lens.


Mobile Blogging:

I love shooting with my iPhone, it's not so much the camera but all of it's awesome image editing apps coupled with the always-on internet connection. I've been taking photos with camera phones for a few years starting with the Sanyo PM8300, Motorola e815, and the LG Voyager. I've also been posting my camera phone photos on the internet going all the way back to the old TextAmerica.com days, Blogger (pre-Google), and a few poorly self-designed WordPress blogs. Back then I kept both my camera phone and a point-n-shoot camera in my pocket to capture photographs throughout my day, But the days of packing several mobile devices are over! I've made a push recently to post more iPhone photos online now that I can shoot, edit, process, and post photos to the internet on-the-fly from the iPhone itself. Plenty of photographic opportunities appear throughout my day as would for any photographer with a thirst to shoot and I love taking photos. Most spontaneous photographic opportunities occur when my DSLR is packed away at home but with my iPhone and all of it's apps, I'm able to satisfy the urge and need to take a photo anytime I want. That "keep shooting" mentality is always floating around in my head and keeps me in some-what good practice when it comes to spotting and capturing something of photographic interest as well as repetition which is key to quick timing, interesting framing & composition, and most important...confidence.


Adventures In Analog:

Analog photography reconnects our inherent needs to possess that which is real. Film and paper represents that which can be touched, held, and truly experienced - it's physical media in the purest sense. My website AdventuresInAnalog.com is my continuing examination of film photography through projects, discussion, and discovery.


Enjoying my new found love for lomo style photos. Believe it or not, it started with iPhone apps and quickly grew to actual film camera's. Currently I own 30+ cameras and counting.


Follow me elsewhere:


AboutMe: about.me/RandyC.Brown

Lomography: AdventuresInAnalog

YouTube: AdventuresInAnalog

Vimeo: AdventuresInAnalog

Twitter: AdventuresInAnalog (@FilmIsLOVE)

VSCO: vsco.co/AdventuresInAnalog

Instagram: instagram.com/adventuresinanalog

eMail: contact@adventuresinanalog.com


My Gear:




Canon Canonet QL-17 GIII (35mm Film Rangefinder)

Hasselblad 500 C/M (35mm Film Point-n-Shoot)

iPhone 4s (Mobile Photography)

Exakta VX IIb (35mm Film SLR)

Fed-3 (35mm Film Rangefinder)

Konica C35 Automatic (hibird Black & Silver 35mm Film Rangefinder)

Konica C35 Automatic (Silver 35mm Film Rangefinder))

Konica Big Mini F (35mm film Point-n-Shoot)

Konica U Mini (35mm Film Point-n-Shoot)

Konica Pop (35mm Film Point-n-Shoot)

Kodak DC3200 (Digital)

Kodak Signet 35 (35mm Film Rangefinder)

Minolta Hi-Matic C (35mm Film Zone Focus)

Minolta Hi-Matic G2 (35mm Film Zone Focus)

Minolta Maxxum 400si (35mm Film SLR)

Yashica Electro 35 GT (35mm Film Rangefinder)

Yashica Electro 35 (35mm Film Rangefinder)

Yashica ME-1 (35mm Film Zone Focus)

YashicaMat EM (Medium Format 120 Film)

Olympus Pen EE2 (35mm Half Frame)

Olympus Pen FT (35mm Half Frame)

Olympus Pen EF (35mm Half Frame)

Olympus Trip 35 (35mm Zone Focus)

Ricoh 500G (35mm Film Rangefinder)

Rollei 35 (35mm Film)

Panasonic Lumix GF2 (Micro Four Thirds Camera)

Polaroid 360 Automatic Land

Polaroid 100 Automatic Land

Polaroid SX-70 Auto Land Alpha SE

Polaroid SX-70 Auto Land Camera

Polaroid One Step

Polaroid 600 Business Edition 2

Polaroid OneStep CloseUp

Polaroid Spectra Qps

Bronica ETRSi (Medium Format 120mm Film)

Pentax K10D (DSLR)

Pentax K1000 (35mm Film)

Pentax Auto 110 (Worlds Smallest 35mm Film SLR)

Holga 120 GN (Medium Format 120mm Film Zone Focus)

Mini Diana Petite Noire (35mm Film Zone Focus)

Vivitar 110 (110mm Film Point-n-Shoot))

Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim (35mm Film Point-n-Shoot))

Vivitar Focus Free 2011 (35mm Film Point-n-Shoot))

Sprocket Rocket (35mm Film Zone Focus)

Mamiya U (35mm Film Zone Focus)

Lomography SuperSampler Black (35mm Film Multi-Lens)

BelAir X 6-12 JetSetter (120mm Film Folding Bellows)

Lomography LC-A+ (35mm Film Zone Focus)


---Other Gear---


Pentax SMCP FA 50mm f/1.4 PRIME AF

Pentax SMC DA 18mm-55mm f/3.5-5.6 AF

Pentax SMC F 35-70mm f/3.5 Zoom

Zenzanon PE 75mm f2.8

Sigma/Quantary 28mm f/2.8 PRIME

Sigma/Quantary 28mm-90mm f/3.5 AF/Macro

Panasonic 14mm f/2.5 PRIME Pancake Micro 4/3

Canon Canolite D Flash

Pentax AF540FGZ Flash

Pentax AF360FGZ Flash

Lomography Color Splash Flash

Olympus T-20 Flash

Sekonic Twinmate L-208 (Light Meter)

Sekonic L-VI (Light Meter)

Sekonic L-358 Flash Master (Light Meter)

Calumet 10ft light stand

Calumet 8ft mini light stand

Photoflex shoot-through 45in Umbrella

Photogenic silver reflective 45in Umbrella

Photogenic Eclipse 60" Neutral White Convertable Umbrella

Vanguard MT-23 63.75in Tripod

Velbon DF-40 57in Tripod

Calumet CK7104 5-Section 63.25in Monopod

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Adobe Photoshop Elements

Pentax Remote Assistant 3....Learn More!

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Jordy says:

Dred truly inspired me to do a 365 project. His shots are always technically perfect, funny, and thought provoking. He takes the everyday and makes it pop! From technology to music to toys to his yard to his car to his own fascinating mug, I look for his additions each and every day.

April 18, 2008
Dean says:

Dred242. Is it an acronym that stands for "Directly Responsible (for) Everything Digital?" It certainly could be, since he is flickr's answer to a G4TV gadget expert! He's got the techie hookup whether it's cameras, sound systems or pretty much anything you can think of that's hot. He's also got a cute pair of kids … Read more

Dred242. Is it an acronym that stands for "Directly Responsible (for) Everything Digital?" It certainly could be, since he is flickr's answer to a G4TV gadget expert! He's got the techie hookup whether it's cameras, sound systems or pretty much anything you can think of that's hot. He's also got a cute pair of kids that I presume are on the track to becoming models to help keep dad rolling in electronics in his old age! If you're wise, you should hang around and pay attention to what this guy does. You might learn a few of his tricks, and maybe pick up some of his obsolete (to him!) equipment when he gets his new toys!

Read less
December 18, 2005