I am interested in trading with you.


Graffiti Archaeology is an inspiration. So are a lot of names. Drop, drop, drop, drop, drop, drop, drop, drop, drop, drop, drop, drop, drop.


I like reflections, long exposure, words, flyer art, architecture, art and ever more things. If you know an artist whose work you see in my photo stream and I don't please tag the photo or leave a comment. Credit where credit is due.


I'm a dad with art inclinations. I give photos away for attribution. If you use a photo of mine, let me know. I like to know. No, I don't know. It's because I don't know what I'm doing that I'm doing.


If you find your work in my photos, take the photo. If your signature is worth anything then you should print it, sign it and sell it. You should send me a copy. If you steal one of my photos, I am the master of nothing, I have the power of noones.


Some of my photos were on display as part of the City of Olympia's 2009 Here Today public art program.


If you'd like to hire me to take photos of your architecture, your family, your band, your art, etc...then you should. Contacting me virtually (e-mail) is better than telepathically (hard concentration).


I support Wikileaks and intent. "No more secrets."


Support my habits: donate, bribe, exhort.


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