Yourself is what happens when you aren't paying attention.


In those spectacular moments when an unguarded comment betrays your affection. In those heated seconds when the future is forgotten for the present. When you stop sucking in your gut, hiding your overbite, or disguising your intent. When you're too drunk to pretend you hate and too sleepy to act uninterested.


There are moments that describe our lives and moments that define our lives. Is your life described or defined? Is it loosely sketched together; a ramshackle suit of armor hewn by a sense of projected identity that says I'm a poor Irish punk who loves poor Irish things and revels in the "poor Irish lifestyle?" Are you a person or a perception? Do you project the person you are or that you want to be?


I'm Rob. I go places and do things.

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  • JoinedSeptember 2006
  • OccupationRockstar
  • HometownProvidence, RI
  • Current cityBrooklyn, NY
  • CountryUnited States
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