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Note: Darkday & her photographer would like to thank everyone & everything in the multi-verse, because you are awesome...!

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It's all about the Love, of Urbex Adventures, & going Exploring, with my friends, & taking Cool Urbex Photos.

When you spend the entire day underground exploring storm drains.....it's a Darkday

We have Explored, Storm Drains, Abandoned Buildings, Towers, Rooftops, Caves, Tunnels, Bridges, Holes, Infrastructure, and even some especially weird & ultra secret Burbex Locations. ;)

Explored mostly in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, but have also done some Urbex'ing on the nearby, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast & Ipswich.

Explored over 400 Locations and counting.

Love to find new places, & have some serious adventures.
Love to get dirty, muddy & sweaty.
Love to succeed at all our Urbex Missions.
& Love it when a plan comes together. ;)

I am Darkday's photographer and I also look after Darkday's main Flickr account...well...because she has an empire to run...

Love to take High Quality, High Resolution, Urbex Photos, & then Edit them with Lightroom, & Post them on Flickr, for my all Special, Wonderful, Friends, to Enjoy.

Thanks to all my Fan's, Flickr Buddy's, Special Friends, Co-conspirators & The Legend. ;) You guys are Super Awesome! Thanks for all the views on my pic's, & the fav's, & the super nice comments, & especially, the Urbex Info!! Please Keep it coming, fresh and forward, to see even more, South East Queensland Wild Urbex Adventures with Darkday & Friends.

See You in Pixels


"Right or wrong
I was hooked
I had found my calling
I couldn't get enough
Of this downwards falling
It's not to say
The sound on earth was boring
But I knew that underground
Was worth exploring
So I packed my bags
And I grabbed my swag
And I haven't been back since then"

Happy in My Hoody, by Bliss N Eso, off, Flying Colours

We are very busy exploring and we are almost fully booked up for the 2015 urban exploration calendar.

But don't fret :) if you want to go exploring, you can by....

Joining..... UEGA..! www.uega.net/ - www.uega.net/ - www.uega.net/

UEGA stands for Urban Exploration Group Australia, and it is an Australian Online Urbex Forum, where you can make new friends, and go urban exploring together, and have masses of urban exploration fun, or you can just twiddle your keyboard.. the choice is yours :)

I choose to live a full and exciting life


The Brisbane Cave Clan have Newbie Expos a couple of times a year where they goto a drain or abando
Contact them on brisbane@caveclan.org www.caveclan.org/

---- Other Urban Exploration Forums --


I beg you to not try anything that you have seen on this Flickr account.

We are fully trained professionals and have many years of experience in many forms of adventure sports.



Just enjoy the photos and live a happy, healthy & productive life

Darkday xo

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    joeqc says:

    "MILF Darkday and her consort Darkday's photographer are the epitome of the adventurous urbex duo. Their thrilling explores are brilliantly photographed and generously shared with the world. There is no better!"

    October 15th, 2014

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    Morph51 says:

    "The best companion for exploring, Darkdays photographer is strong, fearless and who I trust with my life often. Someone who lives life to the full, an extreme adventurer, who will go to great lengths to get the perfect shot. Darkdays photographer is unique, he has developed a wonderful photographic style with a fantastic eye for detail. I am privileged to accompany this exciting friend to some amazing locations, we have shared some incredible moments, and keep on finding new interesting places to visit. Life is bright with you always Darkdays' photographer!"

    October 9th, 2014

July 2013
Brisbane, Australia
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