How to uncloud your vision? Look through the lens

new toy

I like the poetic side of photography and record try the simple events of my life hopefully with some aesthetic sense.

I admire the simplicity of mechanical cameras as much as I enjoy using them. I hate automation in anything. So some camera porn might show up in my stream occasionally. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.

Don't add me if you have no pictures. I will block you.

Say hi ;)

the water boy
do re mi
silhouette #2
lonely alley - Hasselblad 500C/M with Carl Zeiss Planar 80mm f2.8
flaming lamborghini
promised land
the non-norm
looking back...
The closet singer
the morning ritual
V for vendetta
over the top
michelle takes a snap
the barber
the offerers
Colours of Velvia...
veiled light
pentacon six tl dreamland
a quiescent mind
beautiful strange

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  • One Of These Days by Jon Siegel
  • Witness to an artform. by rogvon
  • Photographer by hookonclassic
  • Francis's Wedding by Royale Wif Cheese
  • Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These by allaerosol wants to smile always
  • big camera getaway... by miss maomao

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    anthony samaniego says:

    "A lot of people ask me who my favorite photographer is. I always answer," I dunno." I never do know...shit, I don't pay attention to photographers nor do I know of any "big time" photographers. Nor do I really care, but DoveVadar.....He's definitely the best photographer I've come across. Not only the best, but the most inspiring. Subtle, but so meaningful. His work has pushed me and inspired me into the photographer that I am today...on the fuckin real. No joke."

    5th February, 2011

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    topfloor says:

    "Francis Stream was found via a Flickriver search for Hasselblad Images (by Interestingsness) as I had rented a 503 for a few days in New York and was seeking flickr inspiration. More than one photo of his stream draw my eye, so I went over to check his photos.

    This man is capable of making some outstanding pictures of models (fashion), Street and Architetcure. His use of Rangefinders and SLRs is special, even some of his stillife shots are really awesome.

    His willingness to share the relevant technichal information about the photos (EXIF for analog shots has to be entered by hand in the flickr system), as well as his likes about filmtypes and lenses / bodies is generous. The connection between his photos and the given info really works well for me, e.g. I bought a few rolls of some the filmtypes he uses to see the results they can achieve with my style of photography (Provia 400X for a 2 stop push, and the Formapan 400 Action with 1 stop pull and push, all will be dev. in one tank without special adaptions to the push / pull).

    The travelsets he made are also full of several strong shots. The fact that I have traveled three of his destinations (Munich, Venice and Prague) last year, also shooting film rangefinders (35mm and 120), made me appreciate his photos even more as I know some of the places he shot and some of their photographic potential.

    I can only say thank you to Francis for sharing his work, taking the time to enrich his photos with relevant infos and hope that he is willing to keep this good flickr stream going !

    Francis, should you ever make it to Germany again, you are invited for a good beer :-)

    Greetings from TriBeCa / New York,

    Carsten aka topfloor"

    21st January, 2011

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    Kenneth Edwards says:

    "I came across his stream one day when I was thinking about entering the world of film photography. His work inspired me to shoot medium format film, and eventually to purchase my Hasselblad which he said "would be my true work horse" and he couldn't have been more right.

    Since I purchased my Hasselblad in January I've shot over 100 rolls of film with it.

    Simply taking a quick glance at his photos and the beauty he captures through the lens and you'll see why he is an amazing photographer.

    -Kenneth Edwards"

    18th October, 2010

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    Glass&Tubes says:

    "Greetings from London - lovely stream. Your pix is what good photography is all about...simplicity, timeliness and elegance. Well done."

    22nd September, 2010

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    Janon Geng says:

    "His work is amazing."

    4th July, 2010

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    M.stop says:

    "Absolutely smashing stuff!

    Great feel and control of available lighting

    Keep up the great work, always looking forward to view your works :)"

    31st January, 2010

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    rogvon says:

    "Mention Leica or Medium Format to him and he'll perk up his ears. Mention bokeh and he salivates. His shots are exquisite.

    A photographer's photographer."

    7th October, 2009

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    Jiang D 蔣世基 says:

    "very talented photog, I always enjoy his work, especially his night shot..."

    25th August, 2009

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    Tuan__ says:

    "One of my favorite photostreams, such beautiful colors."

    17th August, 2009

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    chrisfotog says:


    beautiful,elegant photos

    if perfection is just the word for his photos but its more than that.

    hope to shoot with you the master of bokeh someday"

    27th June, 2009

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September 2007
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