Double Vision Photography represents the simultaneous collaborative perception of two brothers Johnny and Jamie behind the lens.Brothers, Johnny & James are photographers who specialize in conceptual, portraiture, architectural and landscape photography.

‘Photography is the means to visualize our canvas when our field of view perceives an impression, the camera then becomes the instrument to translates our vision clearly and creatively into a work of art.’

Their first camera was the 4 megapixel Canon Digi-Elph PowerShot, purchased in 2004 for a holiday to Europe. This camera introduced the two to the art of photography and encouraged both their aspirations to become the photographers they are today.

‘At first the world of photography was relatively intriguing but it immediately captured our attention. It began as a fascinating diversion from our stock standard lifestyle of punching the clock. We knew we had good eye for composition and the ability to control mood with exposure but those foundational skills; we lucked out early with. It took years to hone our skills, our style and to take it to advanced levels. It was years before we even conceived of or believed we could transition photography into a business.’

‘When we finally deemed ourselves photographers, establishing a distinct style and identity was the most challenging endeavour. The pursuit for perfection will never end because with every photo we only strive to improve. The point of view of our narrative in photography is to engage the viewers emotions to causes a pause and reflect introspect.’

DOUBLE VISION Photography has definitely come into its own style of creativity. Their Architectural and Landscape images illustrate as such with a recurring theme of strength, stillness and silence conveyed in dramatic tones the pieces are composed in cinematic 16:9 ratios. Johnny & James devise a variety of particular techniques to create their imagery. From the initial capture through to the final design, these techniques include: strobe, filters, long exposure and post-processing software specifically tailored to the subject matter.

This Flickr page was setup to showcase our images and the journey we’re taking. Thank you for dropping in we hope you will follow us and stay connected. Please contact us if you any questions about our work or prints you may interested in. Our online shop can be found Double Vision Photography/. Our main website can be found at

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