I love the Flickr community. Everyone is so helpful with information about subject matter and technique. And seeing others' photos can be inspirational and does help me analyze how interesting images are made. I feel my Flickr experience has improved my photography skills beyond all my previous photo experience.

I like most photo subject matter, but I especially enjoy a well done scenic, a creative macro and a unique abstract.

Thanks for dropping by my photostream. I don't add contacts much anymore. Mostly, I look at and comment on anyone's photostream that has taken the time to look at and comment on one of my photos.

Don Briggs

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Photos of Don Briggs (10)

  • Beach reflections by Mark Bonica
  • Thinking by MEONFLK
  • The Airbus Beluga by Jakobcam
  • Support Photographers- by Starlisa
  • Fuchsia Fried by The Fishbone
  • Jenga! by Mark Bonica
  • 365/365 - my hat is off to you! by Mark Bonica
  • Show-Your-Dreams by Donz Bel (ON and OFF) donzbel on Instagram
  • drip drop by Mark Bonica
  • Dalton Point Sky by Gary Randall

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    Chris C. Crowley- Busy for a week or two! says:

    "For a long time now I've been absolutely mesmerized by Don's photos. Whether composing a stunning landscape or seascape, or honing in on the perfect macro, Don shows a mastery of the art of photography that leaves those who view his shots with a complete satisfaction that doesn't often happen when viewing most of the shots on Flickr! It isn't just his level of skill; it's more than that. Don has a fantastic eye for composition, and displays true artistry in his work. I especially love his Maui shots!

    Thanks, Don, for being such a great friend and mentor! When I read the comments on my photos, yours are the ones I value most because I know YOU know when something is good. So do I, and your work is incredible!"

    October 12th, 2012

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    1bluecanoe says:

    "Stop. Sit. Play the slide show. Feel better? I knew you would.
    Soak it in.
    This fine Pacific Northwest photographer is one of flickr's best.
    And he's a thoughtful, helpful man.
    He'll tell you if you hit or miss.
    And he's always right. There, I said it!"

    May 15th, 2011

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    Paige C. says:

    "Don has inspired me with his beautiful photos for a long time. His creativty in his photos is impecable. His personality and good heart has shown. There is not one photo of Don's that is short of perfection. Don, Thank you for letting me see the world in a whole new view. Cheers to Don."

    May 5th, 2010

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    ◄Susana► says:

    "I consider it an honour to be one of Don's contacts on Flickr because he's a master and I am so beneath achieving anything like what he achieves consistently with techniques, composition, art. Yet, he is always generous with his praise and finds something positive to say about the work of others. Many people of his stature on Flickr would not bother. Thanks Don. I'm a fan and a friend."

    November 12th, 2008

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    burns. says:

    "Don is the most wonderful contact to have. His photograhs are an inspiriation, and his HDR photography has actually changed my mind about the whole medium (before i thought it was ugly and unneccessary) but since Don has shared his photographs with flickr i have become almost a fan of HDR. But I am certainly a fan of Don's collection of HDR photography.
    As well as his photography being brilliant he is a great mind of knowledge, giving help and inspiration to those around him. I am extremely pleased to have a contact of Don's nature and it's great to have a friend with so much passion and kindness"

    June 27th, 2008

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    John Hightower says:

    "Seeing the world through Don's eyes and lens is one of the funnest experiences I've had in a long time. I learn a lot about excellent photography from Don's pictures and the way he frames our world.

    And Don's leading me into a profound appreciation of HDR photography, which I definitely didn't have before I saw his work. His HDR photos leave me awestruck!"

    November 11th, 2007

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    ~ Paige ~ says:

    "Don's photography is thoughtful and creative. The images he captures will make you smile and appreciate his artful eye. Make it a habit to view Don's photostream on a regular basis - you will most certainly, not be disappointed! Thank you Don for all of your encouragement...I hope to become a photographer of your great caliber one day!"

    September 2nd, 2007

Don Briggs
February 2007
Olympia, Washington, USA
Tacoma, Washington, USA
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