Peter Asprey 2009-05-n3-2287

Peter Asprey - Sat on trig point on Berneray Scotland (Sound of Harris behind)


Cow and Calf (2007-08-n3-6444-r)


Tall - helps with taking pix of dolphins above the crowd. Got round to starting to uploading my geotagged photographs. 99.99% of which are as taken. Have a look here for my geotagged map of Scotland.


Bottlenose Dolphins Chanonry Point 2292


You'll find photographs of dolphins, cows and landscapes from all around the UK. From the far north of Scotland, to the far south west of England and many places between. Most photographs are geotagged (on the flickr map) so you can find the place (and make a better job of taking photographs of it than I did)...


Bottlenose Dolphin 2008-07-n3-8379-u


Please browse through my sets and leave comments on photographs you like.


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Bottlenose Dolphin


FAQ - Some Frequently Asked Questions....


Why so many images?


I've uploaded many geotagged images so others can find the locations, and make a better job of photographing the location. They also form part of the journey, and provide background or location support to the good photographs. They are best viewed as either slide show or as part of the set they are in.


Making sence of my file names,


For film and slide scans, example,


Year 2002

Month 09 (September)

sm = Slide medium (neg or roll also used)

f015 = film roll processing reference

0036 = film frame


For digital images using Sony Mavica


As slides but film roll reference is always MVC and 176F, is the sequence number, the F indicates Fine mode.


For digital images using my Nikon


Year 2005

Month 05 (may)

nX = where X is simply which camera was used. (n1=Nikon D100, n2=Nikon D2H, n3=Nikon D2X, n4=Nikon D2Xs, n5=Nikon D3s, n6=CoolPix, n7=FinePix, n8=Nikon S9500)

1004 - frame sequence number from camera.


Any filename ending in -r has been reprocessed either as a batch or by photoshop, either to rebalance colour, or other unwanted feature. Often as a large batch of files, for example where sensor dust has been removed from 100's of frames by software as a batch.


Note for slide and film scans, unless otherwise noted, the date is the scanning date.


Why are some frames in a sequence missing?

I've not uploaded my entire collection for the following reasons.


* Many images contain people or cars etc, most of my images are time date and geotagged, and in the UK this would run into problems with privacy law.


* It was out of focus.


* Private Photograph


* Really good photograph


* Camera fault.


* It was a very very bad photo.


Geotagged Images


I've been using a GPS to record the locations of most of my photographs since 1996. For most of the images, this has ment setting the camera date and time to GPS date and time and then matching the GPS track log or waypoint log back to the images. This works for both film and digital cameras where the date and time are recorded either next to the image on the film frame or in the image file. This of course relies on the GPS being near the camera and giving a good reading. I've tried to correct batches where I know of large faults between photograph location and real location, but there may be a few images not near enough.. Please let me know of any location errors.


Found an Interesting Photograph in my collection?

Feel free to ask more about how and where it was taken.


Highland Cow - 2005-03-n2-001-6384-web


DIY Wildlife camera trap info here,

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