We do off-leash dog romps, dog boarding in our homes, and drop-in visits for dogs and cats. All our dog walkers receive in-house training and go through the Dog Walking Academy, where they learn about dog body language, dog behavior, and pack management, as well as study Pet First Aid and Pet CPR. We are licensed, insured, and bonded.

We've received numerous awards, including Best Dog Walker, Best Boarding, and Best Pet Care Business from San Francisco magazine, East Bay Express, the Bay Woof, and Yelp.com.

Peace and love,

Top Dog

"May I gird myself to be a hunter of the beautiful,
that naught escape me...
I am eager to report the glory of the universe."

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    bumpy angle says:

    "molly rocks!"

    November 6th, 2008

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    der hundeliebhaber says:

    "i love this woman. someday soon, i PREDICT i will live in the same area code as her and i'll hang out with her much more often. i have spoken. plus, she is the most amazing dog lady. srsly."

    July 3rd, 2007

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    Hezmodo says:

    "Molly Kenefick of Doggy Lama Pet Care took in Stella Mae, my 80 pound American Bulldog, while we vacationed in Hawaii for 10 days. Am Bullies, like other bullies, can be hard to handle and manage, and are often mistaken for large pit bulls, which can be a barrier to kenneling as well as taking out in off-leash excursions. Although Stella is a gentle, professionally trained, young dog, she can exert her inherent dominance, and I was concerned that her caretaker be someone understanding of dog behaviors. Molly (and her staff), well-educated in dog behavior and a licensed dog-walker, had no problems with her, and I was really impressed that she (and her staff) are all certified dog walkers (which means they have a good fundamental training in doggie body language/behavior); a big thumbs up in my book! I was also extremely pleased that Molly interviewed us thoroughly at our first meeting, combing through the extensive Doggy Lama Pet Care application, as well as going step-by-step through my multi-page review of Stella’s commands, restrictions, etc. Molly was as interested in the minutiae of Stella’s world, as much as I wanted to know what she knew about caring for potentially “difficult” breeds. I was impressed that she was attentive to my exhaustive list (I went a little overboard). After I left Stella for a ‘test’ overnight, her Flickr shots assured me that Stella was happy and healthy. The smile on her bully face told me that she was fully in her element. (Darn my sedentary, boring lifestyle!)

    Molly took great care in introducing her little Dexter (a feisty 16-lb. Chihuahua mutt) to Stella; I can’t remember if we were worried about Dexter scaring Stella or Stella scaring Dexter – nevertheless – Stella easily deferred to Dexter, proving herself an 80 pound wimp. No small part of this is due to Molly’s careful introduction of her pack (her own dogs, as well as other visitors) to her newbies, I was very impressed by her prudence to this process.

    When we returned from our vacation (during which I fretted daily that my dog was missing me), Stella came home so happy and well exercised, I almost felt guilty returning her to the boring grind of our everyday lives. Those daily five-mile hikes kept her healthy and happy – and inspired me to take her out myself for hefty hikes (okay, not daily, but at least weekly and a bonus to my own waistline). There’s only one down side to kenneling at Molly’s; If your dog is like Stella, she may ignore you for awhile at the pick up; Stella was far more preoccupied in whatever she was doing in the yard, and clearly loving Molly… Yes, it’s just that good… so leave your ego at the door.

    For the record, since bringing Stella home at just six weeks old, I have restricted my travels due to my concerns about kenneling. Since meeting Molly, I am planning several other future trips (Italy, New Zealand, S.E. Asia – too far to rescue my dog if things didn’t work out) and I know that Stella will be in the in the right place, with the right person, and in the right situation.

    I cannot recommend Molly highly enough. She is attentive, intuitive, knowledgeable, caring and loving (you will want to hug her when you see how happy your dog is!). I knew my dog was in the best possible situation, and look forward to giving Stella her very own vacation at Doggy Lama Pet Care again one day very soon … and many times thereafter."

    April 16th, 2007

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    mroth says:

    "Molly and crew are consummate professionals who not only know how to care for pets, but love them like they were their own. When my dog goes to stay with her, I know he'll be having a fantastic vacation. His routine daily walks are transformed into heroic doggy adventures. Seeing live photographs of these adventures on Flickr makes being hundreds or thousands of miles away so much easier.

    In fact, my dog loves his time with Molly so much that I am almost certain he would be happier if I were to travel more often!"

    April 7th, 2007

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    jchaddickerson says:

    "Good dog walkers are hard to find, and someone who boards your treasured pets in her home with the same care you would give them in your own home is a real find. This year, I traveled to India for work, and Molly's photos of my happy dogs in her care (sometimes snuggled in her bed) made being 10,000 miles away more relaxing. I can tell that Molly really loves my dogs, and they love her. She's very dependable and flexible, too. I've had many dog walkers over the years, and none come close to Molly. I can't recommend her any more highly!"

    October 9th, 2006

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    louise_goto says:

    "I recently moved to the bay area and was looking for someone to watch my 4.5 year old pug (Beenie) when I am out of town. I found Molly thru the East Bay Pet Sitter's Association. She promptly returned my call in response and we met up for a consultation. I found Molly to be very professional as she asked a lot of questions about Beenie , and she was very personable.

    Beenie has stayed with Doggylama pet care a few times, and each time I know that he will be well taken care of and treated as if he was a family pet. I don't like other boarding places where they are on a schedule and are limited to 1/2 hour play times, smelly facilities and *gasp* cages. With Doggylama, I know that Beenie will be taken to parks and exercised, he will sleep in the comfort of someones home and get all the attention he needs.

    When I go on vacation or out of town, I don't have to feel guilty about leaving Beenie behind because I know he's having lots of fun himself and having a vacation of his own at Doggylama.

    - Louise (Client and Pug Lover)"

    August 30th, 2006

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