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I'd love to join your group or post my photos there, but please refrain from putting your flickring, flashing, or otherwise attention-stealing icons below one of my pictures and stories. (Unless you are a very close friend who knows it would be OK, which is RARELY.) And I'd rather you link, instead of embed, your pretty-but-gigantic best wishes for a peaceful 2012 or your warm spring greetings.

Do not do this:

Feel free, however, to do this.

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    grace*c* says:

    " Leslie works words and meaning into all of her creations. She has the eye of a designer, the mind of a writer, and the hands of an artist. Her ability to wonderfully photograph many different subjects only proves her capability. I'm lucky to have found her.
    Oh and she's also not afraid to take pictures of herself on the toilet. :)"

    September 10th, 2008

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    evaxebra says:

    "Leslie is so awesome. Everything about her makes me jealous. Especially how well she writes. And her fabulous pun skills. And her sense of humor. And her sense of style. And her great mosaics. Oh, and of course, her absolutely amazing, clever, and unique photography. Of course, you can see that for yourself just by looking at any photo in her photostream. Leslie is so awesome. I'm really lucky she calls me a Flickr friend."

    May 16th, 2008

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    Flo's Diner says:

    "Leslie is fierce and wonderful. she plunges full-force into whatever she takes on and she takes on ALOT. sometimes she exhausts me just by listing all the things she's done that day and then claiming that she's disappointed that she didn't get more done.

    don't let her grumpy look get you - she has a beautiful smile and a warm heart. and she never posts a bad shot! although i don't usually gush, i am a big, big fan of hers."

    March 27th, 2008

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    imagecarnival says:

    "She'll try to shoo you away, but if you don't cave in, suddenly you find yourself sitting rather close to Leslie. But don't worry that will change just as fast as her latest image on Flickr. But that's ok - cause you also get fair warning to move yourself first. It's a lot like tides, and I like the beach even though I have been pounded by the surf many times ; must be a connection there somewhere:)
    Getting to know Leslie has been a long complicated process compounded by the fact that I have been given the chance to see about 20% of what she's all about.
    From what I've learned she's smart (too damn smart if you ask me), talented, beautiful, caring, hard working, self deprecating, curt (in an efficient way- not mean) and fucking hilarious. If it's that good at 20% I wonder what else is to come.
    I'll do my best to find out.

    And her photos?

    December 4th, 2007

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    debaird™ says:

    "Simply stated, Leslie is a renaissance woman. In addition to her stunning photographs, she is an author, talented chef, poet and accomplished artist. I can't wait to see what other amazing talents she has up her sleeve.

    And if that weren't enough, she freely showers the flickrverse with her witty and kind comments. The world, both online and off, is a better place because of people like Leslie (and her alter ego dogfaceboy)."

    October 3rd, 2007

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    JKönig says:

    "some new things, when you find them, are not-new. they're familiar, recognizable, full of promises filled surprisingly quickly. take leslie. we'd circled each other for weeks, sniffing the doggy asses of each other's art. once we barked, this new thing was not-new.

    leslie is a consummate artist -- writer, photographer, molder of words and tiles and bread, woman, mother, friend, spirit. but mostly she's spirit, illicit fiery-bright likker in a milky green bottle, burning and sparkling and addictive.

    what she does with images and words inspires me to spend more time with both. case in point: i wrote this testimonial on the train ride home tonight, scribbled and scratched out by hand in a new, not-new moleskine i only just bought today.

    yeah. she'll do that to a person."

    September 12th, 2007

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    absolutwade says:

    "dogfaceboy (Leslie) is a great photographer and always striving at becoming even better as she continues to experiment with her photography. She's always handy with an honest opinion and she is a pleasure to meet in person. Her friendship is a valued one I am glad to have made on flickr.

    Despite her protests though, she really is a fan of blinking group award icons, she is just trying to look more conservative.

    August 8th, 2007

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    Cybergabi says:

    "Leslie. She's so very special.
    Takes kick-ass pictures, is wonderfully creative, brilliant and witty, and willing to share her fascinating personality with us.
    Plus, she has a good heart. A very good heart.
    Someone to embrace dearly."

    May 21st, 2007

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    hellophotokitty says:

    "I can't remember the last time I saw someone so enchanted and mesmerized by the world around them. It's always such a treat to look at her photos - to witness how shes today.

    Through her eyes, everything is beautiful, and through her camera she reaches in, connecting to the girl inside the woman. And inside the woman is a powerful, brave and beautiful force - with each self portrait she takes, we are granted access into her world, and oh what a world it is!

    Thanks Leslie - you are an inspiration to me and have showed me a way to look at everything through the eyes of a curious child."

    May 9th, 2007

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    synecdoche says:

    "Intense. Also, quirky. Also, poetic. Also, witty. Also, warm and affectionate. Also, smart and savvy. Also, celebratory. Also, literary. Also, outdoorsy. Also, intense. Oh, I said that one already. Also,"

    March 3rd, 2007

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    coccodrillo says:

    "fine arts photography, great writing, recipes, adorable kid pictures -- what more can you ask from a flickr stream?


    February 14th, 2007

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    O Caritas says:

    "Leslie cringes when I use the word 'awesome' to describe her. But... I tend to be careful when I choose my words (not always, as she knows), and 'awesome' certainly fits. It's not hyperbole.

    I imagine her mind is on go twenty-four hours a day, and that sleeping is merely something she does (when she's able) to humour her body and its unfair demands.

    She is an utterly fascinating person, and seems to use every iota of creative energy that exists within her, whether it involve photography, poetry, essays, literature, art, performance, cake-making, child-rearing, husband-loving, family-bonding, friendship-building...

    Yes... many, many words could describe this wonderful whirlwind of a human being, but what could be more concise, more clear than...

    "Awesome!" ?"

    December 31st, 2006

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    Tampen says:

    "Sometimes on Flickr you find people for whom the interestingness category ought to have been invented, but wasn't. You won't find many poker-playing, three thumbs up, smileyface shots of cats at sunset in Leslie's stream (she's not a dog, btw, and not a boy either, unless she's better at Photoshop than I thought).

    What you will find is that most dangerous of triple whammies - a funny-clever-beautiful woman who is always producing something that really deserves the "interesting" tag. Check out her set "Things I was doing when I ought to have been doing more important things", for example.....

    If you're lucky enough to catch doggie's eye, you'll have a contact to treasure."

    September 28th, 2006

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    Marty Coleman, The Napkin Dad says:

    "dogfaceboy is neither a dog nor a boy but she does have a face with an eye 2 actually and she uses her eye both actually to take take great photos of everyday things and is particularly good with color finding just the right combination of hues and values to make the world go 'round for us flickrites and she let me mush her face the one mentioned above that is neither dog nor boy into all sorts of crazy women one of whom she secretly wants to be but I won't tell on her I promise and she is really good at composition as well plus she likes my work so what's not to like about her oh and she doesn't like run on sentences so don't do that in her testimonials or else and she didn't look at my work for so long after I commented on hers cuz she probably thought I was a pervert or something but I am not unless you count the time oh nevermind"

    March 1st, 2006

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