Color, black & white, and infrared photography. Favorite subjects are macro, landscape, and portraiture. Looking at our world from a different angle.

can you flip your dreams from left to right?

Can you flip your dreams from left to right?
Questioned my soul disguised as the night.
Stars drifting along behind shepherd moon.
My mind's midnight morphing inside its cocoon.

Can you? Have you? Do you? Repeating.
My soul sought to know at this mystical meeting.
Questions and queries. A quest for the essence.
The inherent nature of my very quintessence.

Have you wound your fancies into a tangle?
Gazed upon the world from a different angle?
Have your thoughts ever drifted into the haze?

Whimsical wanderings in a mythical maze.

Have you said what's wrong but known what's right?
Frosty truth. Lies ignite.
Do you shade your thoughts with veils of fear?
Gloomy grimace beneath a mask of cheer.

Can you guide your dreams in a new direction?
Bitter sweet harmonious confection.
Does your vision revolve as the world starts to slant?
Stone tinted yellow. An arctica ant.

Can you flip your dreams from left to right?
Melting colors. Black and white.
Can you send your thoughts into a whirl?
Fading rainbows. Tornadic swirl.

Can you compose a dream in the key of C?
Lush lucid lyrics mesh with melody.
Blossoming brilliance with purity of pitch,
Woven together. Stitch by stitch.

Can you flip your dreams -- turn them upside down?
Jubilant juggling. A clamorous clown.
Can you fly with the birds as they swim in the sea?
Unfurl your sails. Set fantasy free.

Have your dreams gone wandering to days gone by?
Prosperity. Misfortune. A tearful eye.
Correcting, confessing, and making amends.
Embracing long lost family and friends.

A nightly seduction of your thoughts and dreams,
Color. Direction. Never quite as it seems.
Left may become right. And right may become wrong.
Symphonic silence and a lullaby song.

So join with your shadow in a delicate dance.
Supine promenade. Tranquility's trance.
A soaring siesta sweeps thought into flight.
Flipping your dreams from left to right.

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January 2009
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