I don't really know what I'm doing. I just look through the viewfinder and hope for the best.

Neha and Neelav's Wedding!


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    obsolete basin says:

    "Marcus Lam is a very good photographer. Mr Marcus focuses on his subject very well; he also knows how the models want to look in the pictures."

    October 1st, 2009

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    IttyBittyMyMy says:


    September 6th, 2009

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    nis.jensen says:

    "It's been a learning process to get to know you, Marcus - you're the money buisiness kind of type - I'm more the moralistic kind of SF hippie - you're straight and I'm gay - and I'm not even sure I would know how to drive your car...
    But I feel kind of connected anyway - the love of how to push photography to the limit of what you and I can do is still a challange ... and you keep me hooked with all these stories about your life :-))

    Your humour is kicking ass - your photography is dead end class!


    March 30th, 2009

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    нasн says:

    "This man will not only capture a face in a portrait but he will capture you're essence and spirit...every photograph he takes always has a professional touch to it...I especially love his portraits they are always very well done very clean and just flat out amazing...his work is always sooo rich and diverse!!...I would love to one day shoot with him, it would be an honor and a pleasure. So if you want to learn a thing or two about lighting or anything for that fact, then you are in the right photostream!!

    Keep up the great work mate I look forward to seeing you're upcoming works!"

    January 21st, 2009

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    c.nambayan says:

    "Youre an awesome flickr friend who uploads some awesome shots. I'm glad I stumbled onto that shot of Elle! Mainly, coz she's beautiful. Lol but at the same time I found a great photographer/flickr bud at the same time! Macro mondays is an awesome group and if theres any other groups you're an admin of that I dont know about, you need to tell me. Your shots are purely amazing and your stories/captions that come with them sometimes are hilarious! They're a little long but are always worth reading! Keep those pics coming and stay cool man. _xtian"

    October 22nd, 2008

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    Cyril Bernard Durafour says:

    "You are terribly creative and most of all with a unique and distinctive way...It's a true pleasure to see all your work! Thanks for all those nice shots!"

    May 25th, 2008

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    tekstyleslr says:

    "Marcus is a great photographer. it was because of him, I decided on a d50 as he did and began to shoot with him. he started out shooting portraits and me shooting macro, but with his inspiration, i began to explore other forms that was then unknown to me. This guy is also currently addicted to Nintendo Wii. because of that, we might be seeing less of his work on flickr. let's hope it doesn't happen."

    March 4th, 2007

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    AxlxA says:

    "Yea I know this guy..... he's pretty good when he tries but I think he has attention deficeit disorder, he can never spend too much time doing one thing.
    That might change when he becomes a Maxim Photographer though."

    August 3rd, 2006

Marcus Lam
July 2006
San Francisco
United States of America
Secondary Marketing, MBS