I am from Colombia originally. I now live in Las Cruces, NM and I like where I am but I like the world too and I wish to see more of it.


I was born in Popayan in 1976 and I spend a portion of my life there. I have always noticed the beauty of my home town and Colombia, so finally 31 years later, I get to show you some of it here on Flickr.


I work for an internet provider and I also DJ on the side. I spin electronic music but I am all around the musical spectrum and I am open to many styles.


I do photography for fun. I have never really thought I am a photographer by profession or talent, I simply love cameras and I like to show what my eyes see and perceive.

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  • JoinedDecember 2007
  • OccupationGraphic Designer/Tech/DJ
  • HometownPopayan
  • Current cityLas Cruces
  • CountryUSA
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