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I am an old school kind of guy ... child of holocaust survivors ... grew up in the Bronx ... became a journalist ... music magazines ... movie magazines ... worked for VH1, Village Voice, Variety, Paramount Pictures ... was the founding editor of Guitar World, bikini magazine ... I'm now a freelance writer, editor and mac consultant. see more about me at my main websites

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"cinema is truth 24 times a second" - JL Godard "I'm glad I don't like spinach, because if I did then I would eat it, and I can't stand the stuff." - JL Godard in "Pierrot le Fou" "Film is like a battleground. Love, hate, action, violence, death. In a word, emotion." - Samuel Fuller in JL Godard's "Pierrot le Fou"

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... also thought you should know that yours truly Doctor Noe aka Noe the G under his own Guitar Galaxy shingle did a historic interview with Roy Buchanan, Master of the Telecaster and it's on a DVD called Roy Buchanan Telly Talk.

Roy Buchanan was interviewed by Noe Gold
and photographed by John Peden

-Take a look ...
Noe G

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PS, check out my latest articles here ...

I interviewed Marty Scorsese and Jonathan Demme for this THR Special on Directors who live for music ...

Article: The Music Lovers

Martin Scorsese, Jonathan Demme and Bryan Singer discuss the delicate art of the perfect cue.

By Kevin Cassidy and Noe Gold

Jan 4, 2009, 08:00 PM ET
Some directors have an unmistakable ear for music. From the piano chords of Eric Clapton's "Layla" that usher in a bloody montage in 1990's "Goodfellas," to Buffalo Bill's creepy dance to the obscure '80s tune "Goodbye Horses" in 1991's "The Silence of the Lambs," to John Ottman's lush orchestral cues in the 1994 thriller "The Usual Suspects," helmers Martin Scorsese, Jonathan Demme and Bryan Singer have shown they know a little something about enhancing onscreen moments through music.

We talked to these three auteurs about how they find just the right cue at just the right moment.

Click for the Q&As:

Jonathan Demme

Martin Scorsese

Bryan Singer

Noë Gold’s most recent cover story on director Brian Robbins in all three editions of the Sun Newspapers may be found here ...

This is from a cover story by Noë Gold for the Sun Newspapers (Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Encino CA).
Brian Robbins, director of Eddie Murphy’s smash comedy Norbit, takes us on the set of his next Murphy vehicle, Starship Dave, which appeared in all three editions of the Sun Newspapers may be found here ...

Noë Gold’s interviews with Gwyneth Paltrow, Halle Berry and Pixar arehere, a link to my key stories for Variety ...

First go here ... then select the articles listed):

Gwyneth Paltrow | 3/24/04 11:00pm

Halle Berry | 3/24/04 11:00pm

For Pixar, it's about the story, not the glory | 12/9/03 10:00pm

Check out my interview with Zappa here:

First try this for the text.

... and this for the graphics that went with the article. this too. And this.

Here’s a link to the liner notes of my rare cassette-only release of a collaboration with Frank Zappa, THE GUITAR WORLD ACCORDING TO FRANK ZAPPA.

You might like to see how the story looks as a post on my blog …

Now dig this ...

There is more about Noe Gold’s forthcoming book on Jimi Hendrix on the Flickr page, which is referred to as the 5512202079/] set .


There's more discussion about Jimi's relationship with Manny's in an interview with Manny Goldrich himself in the first of two historic volumes I produced for Guitar World, JIMI HENDRIX: THE ULTIMATE TRIBUTE (GW September, 1985), which is pictured right here:

and its companion piece, HENDRIX LIVES!: THE UNPUBLISHED HENDRIX, Vol. II (GW March, 1988), which is shown here:

GW cover Vol. 6, No. 5 SEPTEMBER, 1985 SPECIAL JIMI HENDRIX TRIBUTE! by Doctor Noe


JimiGW-Cover 3-88 Guitar World,  HENDRIX LIVES!: THE UNPUBLISHED HENDRIX, VOL. II by Doctor Noe

>"}}}}”> Noe Gold, aka Noe the G is the Founding Editor of Guitar World magazine. Among his most cherished achievements is the creation, with partner Bill Nitopi, curator of the Hendrix Collection Archives and an editor-at-large of Guitar World, of two humongous Special Issues: Vol. 6, No. 5 SEPTEMBER, 1985 SPECIAL JIMI HENDRIX TRIBUTE! and Vol. 9, No. 2 MARCH 1988 HENDRIX LIVES!: THE UNPUBLISHED HENDRIX, Vol. II.

Noe Gold blogs at ...

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