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Film was for years my profession but (amateur-)photography was always my passion, as it was my mother's, my uncle's and grandfather's before me. (I post some of their images here as well.)
A single guy until I was way into my thirties I traveled a lot, laughed a lot, drank a lot and lived through many adventures. Being a husband and father since then brought different but no less intensive adventures. Humor still abounds, although I must say this cannot be said for the booze...
Photography links both periods of my life, as evidenced here on Flickr.

Still curious, still looking, still recording, still seeing, I hope!

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GENERAL CATEGORIES: people, bicycle, buildings & architecture, landscapes, around beach and seaside, dike & ditch, pump & polder, rural, sunlight, clouds, fog & mist, a fungus amung-us, flower and plant, bulbs 2006, animals, Ruby's pups, Dutch folklore, sailing

INTERESTING OBJECTS: romanesco's fall, manhole covers around the world, windows and doors, Smallegange, pulley, antiques, wagon(wheel), pretty foods, fine arts, scanned, sculpture, museum amstelkring, allard pierson museum: color, things and places

(PERSONAL) HISTORY : house on a dike, family history, docman's childhood, my grandfather's pictures: first album, my mother's pictures, my great-grandmother's photoalbum, photoalbums, self, Paquita ('s people), DILO sep 22nd 2005: a day in docman's life, Sara and others, early movement: hand, first steps, Klaertje laugs..., memory lane

NON-LINEAR: the signboard, a building, short walk on the beach, demolition of squatters'haven: 'De Raad', hidden and (almost) forgotten, house on a dike

FORMAL: texture, pattern and rhythm, lowscapes, surfaces, dinner squircle, beautiful decay, abstracts, black & white, reflection

MATERIAL: stone and rock, brick and concrete, iron, cast and wrought, wood, water, glass

BUILDINGS AND ARCHITECTURE: buildings and architecture, windows and doors, a building, demolition of squatters' haven 'de Raad', Pampus, Zaandam railwaystation, Howard Beach, Paris: Institut du Monde Arabe, City Depot, Dordrecht

HOME TURF: Alkmaar, backyard, Alkmaar, fork at Koedijker Vlotbrug, Commute from Groet, Hondsbossche Zeewering, Schoorl, dunes, de Zes Wielen, Molen C, Hoornse Vaart Alkmaar, Gardening

PLACES IN HOLLAND: Amsterdam, Veere, Zeeland, old pics, Walcheren, Westerwolde, Westerwolde Names, Oosterschelde, Places in Holland

TRAVELS: Afghanistan 1972, Greece1972-1980, Czecho-Slovakia 1976, Prague, Jewish Cemetary 1976, England, Wales 1978, Rocky Mountains, Colorado 1980, Mountain winter 1980, Kilauea, Hawaii 1981, Manhattan, USA 1986 - 2006, Switzerland 1991, Morocco 1993, Boricua 1993, 1994, Puerto Rico flora & fauna 2006, Puerto Rico, Fajardo buildings 2006, St. Croix, US V.I. 2006, Walking across Williamsburg Bridge, NYC 2006, Howard Beach, Queens, NY, Barcelona 2006, Barcelona, details 2006, Barcelona, Gaudi's Parc Guell 2006, Barcelona, smithy 2006, Rothenburg 0b der Tauber 1911-2007, Bavarian towns 2007, Paris, autumn 2008, Paris: Institut du Monde Arabe, Istanbul, December '08: ceramics and mosaics, Istanbul, December '08, Istanbul, December '08, details and abstracts

DOCFLICS: docflic1: home turf, docflic2: New York, docflic3: P.R. & St. Croix

MISCELLANEOUS: photocombi, squares, jubilees and other occasions, NYC expo,Wanted, Jeugdtheater Heiloo feb. 2006, most views 2005: predigital, your favorite 2005 predigital pics, most views 2005: digital, your favorite 2005 digital pics, 1952: ADS FROM "BEATRIJS CATHOLIC WOMEN'S WEEKLY"

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  • approx. 1973, curly self by doc(q)man
  • self by doc(q)man
  • self by doc(q)man
  • self by doc(q)man

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    gem66 says:

    "docman brings me a view of his world that is fascinating to me. I love his old family photos, presented in such a way that they have the appeal of fascination. I love to see how his life was lived in Holland when he was a boy. Not so different from mine in America.
    His more current photos of Holland are also fascinating. I especially like the sets showing different areas of Holland. Many of the photos have a well written description, which adds to my knowledge of what life is like there."

    October 22nd, 2005

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    cobalt123 says:

    "docman - the newly famous photographer of the romanesque fractal-like vegetable his wife refused to cook! Always a delight to see the variety in his world and sharing nature. I come back time and again to see his photo stream."

    August 17th, 2005

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    Hanieh Bastani says:

    "A man with an amazingly talented photostream, a beautiful view as apparent in the subjects and places he's photographed, and a great big heart. My passion for photography has flourished even more since the day he gave me a pro account. Thanks a million Ard, for your generosity and for your great photography."

    July 20th, 2005

Ard Hesselink
January 2005
BELLINGWOLDE, the Netherlands
I am:
Male and Taken