"If I feel something strongly, I make a photograph. I do not attempt to explain the feeling." - Ansel Adams


"I was there, and that was how life was at the moment when I saw it." - Henri Cartier-Bresson


"...I am the adventurer on a voyage of discovery, ready to receive fresh impressions, eager for fresh horizons, not in the spirit of a militant conqueror to impose myself or my ideas, but to identify myself in, and unify with, whatever I am able to recognize as significantly part of me: the "me" of universal rhythms." - Edward Weston (California Day Books)


"The pictures are there, and you just take them. " - Robert Capa


“Every exposure is a discovery, both in the revelation of subject and the thoughts and emotions of the photographer himself. The ultimate achievement is reached when all the elements of craft, content, and intention are so perfectly balanced that the image is an entity in spirit and form.” - Robert Doty




I started out shooting Tri-X, and spent hours in the darkroom...

Now I mostly shoot RAW, and spend hours in Lightroom.


In the beginning it was all skate rats & street urchins; music festivals; and exotic destinations...

Now it's the myriad manifestations of my daughters Tallulah & Ambrose; anything to do with bicycles; and the serendipitous ephemera of daily life...


Then, and now, I am but one singular bit of The Totality expressing my wonderment and appreciation of The Whole Shebang in the best way I know how... through the collection and display of photon information in an aesthetically pleasing manner.


Thanks for stopping by... Enjoy!


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Many of my photos have been licensed for use by Getty Images and Aurora Photos, and all are under copyright, so please ask before using them yourself! (Besides, it's just common courtesy, yes?)


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The photo below was selected for inclusion in the recently published

"Grateful Dead Scrapbook" by Ben Fong-Torres


All of my friends by dmacphoto

See it here (opposite the title page):

Grateful Dead Scrapbook

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