Here's where I brag about how many pics I have in Flickr Interesting

My interest in photography is part of my overall artistic life, which encompasses sound, visuals, and words.

I create images that attempt to capture the transformative, things decaying or coming into being. Once populous places, now deserted. Often I remove a familiar object from its 'natural environment,' causing the viewer to really see the subject in a fresh light. The 'ugly' can be made beautiful; the mundane can become extraordinary; the everyday object that we would otherwise never notice can be made rare and can live and shine.

My music is totally awesome too, and you should buy some here or if you're in Europe, here - search keyword "djll". It's the soundtrack to my images.

Also I have a pile of schwag sporting Dill Pixel images, available for purchase here.

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    pollymoller says:

    "Definitely not smarmy. :)"

    27th September, 2009

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    Lisa{santacrewsgirl} says:

    "Through Mr. Pixels I have learned to appreciate the unexpected qualities of simple things.
    He has a wonderful sense of absurdities and shares them.
    Because of him I will never watch the end of a movie in the same way.
    And, I want to know where he gets his record collection....
    because I want another copy of "Sniffin the Tears".
    I am waiting to see what he has in his viewfinder next...Thanks Tom"

    12th June, 2009

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    musicmuse_ca says:

    "Tom's got the eye, he's got the vision and most importantly, he's got the music.

    What more do you need? Take a look and see for yourself."

    8th July, 2006

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    Annene von Durchgerockt says:

    "djll isn't the best photographer in the world, but it doesn't matter a damn bit, because he's aways exploring, improving, re-inventing and moving forward.

    What does it all mean? It means that considering where he began and what he's accomplished already, he could end up being the best photographer in the universe, and that beats being the best photographer in the world by light years.

    Seriously, he brings it.
    So do yourself a frikkin' favor and look at it."

    2nd July, 2006

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    synecdoche says:

    "Other people take pictures of things; Tom paints with them."

    5th September, 2005

T. Djll
June 2005
Taos, NM
Belmont, California
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Marketing professional, graphic designer, namer, writer, music maker, impresario