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All images on this flickr stream and/or originating from this stream are copyrighted "© All Rights Reserved" - no image may be used for any purpose without prior permission given by me. The images are protected by German and international copyright law.


Please ask for permission if you wish to use any of my images.


If you download, blog, use or distribute any of my images in any unauthorised way, be it in a commercial or non-commercial environment without prior permission by me then I will take action to protect my interests and you will be fully liable to fines / liquidated damages.


Note: Under German copyright law the unauthorised use, copying, distributing or attaching a wrong copyright claim is a criminal offense (§§ 106, 107, 108 UrhG) and you will be prosecuted by the German authorities if reported - regardless if you are a German citizen (or company) or from elsewhere.


The fact I do not restrict access to my photos on flickr does not in any way imply consent to any form of use.




Berne Convention reminder:

So, you think you do not care about German copyright law - because you are located in Bhutan, China, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey or the USA? Then this is for you: the Berne Convention requires its signatories to recognise the copyright of works of authors from other signatory countries in the same way as it recognises the copyright of its own nationals. And, very important: the Berne Convention states that the copyright law of the country where copyright is claimed shall be applied.


160 countries in the world are Berne Convention signatories - so there is a 99% chance that your country is within these.




Flickr API-TOS reminder:

For those of you who are using the Flickr API - and want to reply to a complaint by me with the stereotype "You should opt out of the Flickr API.".


That's the wrong reply. Completely wrong. You better re-read the Flickr API TOS, sections A.III., especially section A.IV., "Remove from your application within 24 hours any Flickr user's photos or other information that the owner of the photo asks you to remove."


Before you contact me to ask for permission, please consider the following: No free photos from me for commercial projects.


And think twice before you start writing your request with something like this:


1. "Sorry, we've just started and don't have money to...": If you don't have money to invest, then don't start new projects. Simply as that. Period.


2. "Our website / project is non-commercial...": Sounds good. But remember: a magazine with ads is commercial; a website with ads is commercial. If there is any form of generating revenues on your website / in your magazine, then it's commercial, even if you use these revenues only to run the website / publish the magazine.

If you are are really working for a charitable organization, please let me know - and provide proof.


3. "We will give you credits / we gladly put your name on the photo": Sure you do. But that's not the "generous offer" you may believe it is. Because: It's your legal obligation if you use other person's material. It's my my legal right as the copyright owner that proper attribution is given.

So, please: don't mention something like this as a replacement for fees And do not forget: omitting proper attribution is a legal offense and breach of licensing contract (you'll be liable to legal and contractual fines) - wrong attribution may even be treated as fraud (and is not an offense anymore - it's a felony).


4. "I'm working on a magazine / book / website / whatever.": Great for you.

For books / magazines: What title, theme, publishing company, release date, ISBN, intended print run etc.? In what size you wish to use the photo? Placement (title/rear or inside)?

For websites: Any link yet? What company / organisation? Splash page or content page?

I can't make you an offer if you do not provide the pertinent usage details.



Five things thou shalt do! / Fünf Dinge die Du Anschauen solltest!


- at first - look at my website Diwan Photography


- at second - look at my Instagram account


- at third - look at my roundme panoramic account


- at fourth - look at my 500px account


- at fifth - look at my current photo equipment


my current photo equipment


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mein erstes Interview beim Mitteldeutschen Rundfunk / Sachsen - Anhalt.

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Dirk makes some of the best panoramas and planets I have ever seen. It's always exciting to see what photos he will produce next.

May 24, 2011