At the begining, I was looking for a way of traveling I would like. Being a backpacker meant traveling from city to city because this is where you go if you use public transportation, and I was missing nature. As I was doing some hiking in France, I tried a travel agency specialized in treks. This was a revelation : everything was perfect, the nomadic wandering, the atmosphere of the camps under the stars, the gorgeous landscapes, the discovery of cultures so different and so similar to ours at the same time. At first, I did not took any pictures, the pleasure of being there was more than enough. But I finally decided I wanted to share this experience with all the people who did not saw these places or who would never see them.'s favorite photos from other Flickr members (9)

  • Traboules by noukorama
  • Swift Glider Display by Mike Ashton
  • Fountain of Renmark, South Australia :: HDR by :: Artie | Photography ::
  • Taking Off to a Flying 2009 :: HDR by :: Artie | Photography ::
  • Hidden hopes... by carf
  • Saint Didier sur Rochefort by Seb Przd
  • project final 3 by leannelimwalker
  • Tear the Sky Wide Open by Aaron Audio
  • ..and they landed in the clearing through the fog by telephema

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Franck Zecchin
November 2005
Paris, France
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Computer Engineer
Marches Lointaines (Distant Trails)