During my young teenage days I frequently spent time round the corner at Conway Street bus garage, which had given me an interest in buses, then later electrically propelled transport, just UK based, like Brighton Trams, Trolleys and Volks Railway.

Collecting many transport related items, In more recent years I have created a library of transport and local images, providing others with the Sussex views from our slide and negative library through a postal newsletter between 2009 & 2012. We have provided talks using this library too. Overall this is a personal collection however its for others to enjoy too.

Apologies to those who dislike our watermarks but your view is mildly spoilt by this due to already finding many of our library being used and sold without permission, and yes we do have the legal rights obtained with the collections, much to some folks displeasure!

Any image within our library, please ask before using in a publication or sharing, its the decent thing to do, gives the original photographer due credit, and the information behind it. Ask for our latest catalouge or download a PDF from our home page.

Flickr is all about showing and sharing, however we therefore add visible markings, but enjoy these views anyway, although you can always ask us about you adding some real photos to your own collection. Besides the photographs we also offer an exclusive range of commemortives too, in particular our Enamel Pin Badges since 2018, and in 2019 commenced publishing Greetings Cards with four different designs.


Since holidaying abroad in various locations, we have now found our ideal base in Lisbon to enjoy a warm climate every year, and have found a friend who now allows us to import these Lisbon Model Trams to the UK, so if trams are your interest like me, do take a look at my Albums and Gallery on this topic.


Any search on the www for Dinnages & a word related to any form of transport ought to find us outside of Flickr.

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