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Photography is a passion. Its passionate. And it takes passion to see the trueness in the things and people around us. This is what im trying to capture. Whether its just a simple object, an unseen detail, or the sadness or joy on someone's face, its a precious moment in time captured for eternity.

I took this hobby up with no expectations, no definite goals, and no preconceptions. It has not disappointed. Its become all-consuming, pervading all aspects of my life, even some i didnt realise i had.

On my flickr page, and in my photographs, i try and tell a story, my story, someone else's story, the story of a location or object....i think everything has a story, and even though photo is just a moment, it conveys much more.

My inspiration? My Angie. The source of everything thats good for me, my inspiration, my ambition, my drive all emanate from her.

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    normal knowledge says:

    "I've known Darren since grade 7 and we've shared a lot of the same interests over the years as we grew up. Which is why it isn't surprising to see him get into photography.

    What shouldn't surprise me is how fanatical Darren has pursued this new hobby. In just a few short months he's gone from not knowing his aperture from his hot shoe, to someone I go to now for advice on lighting and flash photography."

    January 29th, 2008

June 2007
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