I used to take snaps; then I realised that a good photograph had to tell a story rather than just make sure you captured everything you could see. I bought my first SLR, a Minolta, and it's all been uphill since then. For over twenty years I've been trying to learn as much as I can about composition, light, textures and how my images can best tell a story. Sometimes they're just pretty pictures, or they're fun - and that's OK; often they depict places I've travelled - and that's exciting and an aid to a failing memory; sometimes they just show me trying to be clever with lens balls, fisheye lens or silky skies and water. It's my hobby, a passion and something I write about on my Photo Blog. Drop by on that site if you like and help me improve with your comments, or just add a comment under any of my Flickr shots - I'd welcome both. Thanks.


I now have a Sony A7R III with a variety of lenses (probably too many); I use Lightroom Classic to post-process my images on an iMac. I also use an iPhone 6s when I'm "walking about".

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