Hi. My name is Dolf. I'm a Dutchman living in the south-west of Ireland.
I got my first camera when I was 10. My parents thought it was a toy but it actually took film.
In my early twenties I got into SLR photography with a Canon AE1 and a Canon T70. I had my own darkroom where I printed black and white photos. I also took a lot of slides. A few years ago I converted to digital photography and now I shoot with a Canon 40D and a Canon 5D MK II and several lenses. The computer is my darkroom and Photoshop my tool.
My main interest is candid street photography but I'm also interested in event photograpy, macro, still life, landscape and portrait photography.
I love travelling, especially city trips and it is then that I take a lot of candid street photos as well as cityscapes.

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dolf_patijn_rainy day_1 by digitaldolf

dolf_patijn_Prague Charles Bridge by digitaldolf

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    orla99913 says:

    "When I first met Dolf over 16 years ago, he was more into playing music, but he still carried two cameras, one for photographs and one for slides. Digital photography was not the norm then, so I didn't actually see any of his photos or slides for a long time.

    The first ones I saw were of the Irish landscape, captured in all its beauty and freshness. He also showed me experimental images, developed in his own darkroom before I met him. They were interesting, and showed sensitivity and observation. There were portraits of former girlfriends, or friends, and were fun, appreciative of beauty, elegantly and artfully composed. Dolf's father had an interest in the visual arts, and painted quite a lot, so I think that this interest may have rubbed off on Dolf.

    To say he took to digital photography like a duck to water is something of an understatement. If anything, his natural judgement was tempered by digital photography, and the different possibilities it offers. Digital photography gave him the chance to step up his game, and has also given him the chance to explore compositing in a different manner - he's had some fun with 'making' pictures using toys, layers, clothespegs, even insects.

    Candid photography is a particular interest. One of the things that always amuses me is how quickly he connects with his subjects through photography. Some of the people he shoots might be a little shy being photographed by a stranger, but once they get talking to him, they usually want a copy. When travelling, his charm and sense of humour enable him to cross cultural barriers in a way that other people might not find so easy."

    August 30th, 2009

Dolf Patijn
October 2007
Groningen, The Netherlands
near Limerick City, Ireland
I am:
DigitalDolf Photography