Making Time to Savor the Moment


Photography has truly enriched my life. We live our busy lives, hurrying hither and thither, trying to squeeze a little more into each day; we’re unable to stop long enough to savor the visual beauty that is all around us. Photography has motivated me to take the time to see my world. It encourages me to look for new places to explore and to record what I see.


Leaving a nice warm bed before sunrise to take photographs requires effort. But, as the sky lightens and the sun slowly pierces the horizon, everything is transformed. The landscape glows and I begin to discover exciting images. I am totally engrossed, trying to capture this beauty with my camera. My day has become enriched.


I have always enjoyed this play of light on form. My photographic journey started many years ago while living in New York City. I moved to Vermont in 1995 with my wife--an avid gardener. As her garden developed it became a natural subject for my photographic interests. From there I expanded my focus to other gardens. This, in turn, evolved to exploring the rich and varied landscape of Vermont.


I make photographs for my own enjoyment, but I am always delighted when others enjoy my work as well. When you look at my photographs I hope you experience some of the pleasure that I did when making them.


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