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I take lots and lots of photos and upload most of them... Currently my stream is in a massive backlog as I've been being good and doing university work rather than running off to the darkroom all the time.

I'm a student at Bristol University and have been Treasurer, Social Secretary & Vice President Photosoc.

My poor little Panasonic Lumix LS-60 died in July 2010 after three years of faithful service. After a month or two of being film-only I replaced it with an even smaller shiny Ixus.
I have a small collection of old film cameras, the star of which is my Pentax ME Super. I love it dearly and it only cost me £15 on eBay :)
I also have a King Regula Sprinty (99p), an Agfa Optima I (3 cameras for £2), an Ilford Sporti (the English Holga, <£5), a Pentax P30T (soon to go on eBay), and a Lubitel 2 (£4.99).
They're pretty.

I've made several attempts at 52 Weeks projects but they really didn't accomplish anything photographically and both fizzled out. They do provide a nice record of various parts of my life, which is partly what I wanted anyway.

I have Pro for now :) My first one was a gift from the lovely Gal & Maiyan and since then my Mum has been topping it up for my birthday. If I run out of Pro all my photos should be findable by searching for the tag Dichohecho :D

I like to keep up with my contacts' photostreams, although when I'm busy it takes me a while to catch up. I'm not a huge fan of "post 1 comment 6" type groups, if I comment it's genuine!

I didn't join Flickr to meet people but it's lead me to Bristol Flickrmeets and Photosoc and I've met lots of lovely people through them, which I'm very glad of now.

I've also taken part in the FlickLgraphique exhibition at Photographique and FlickL Multiplicity, organised by Bristol FlickL.

View my photos at bighugelabs.com

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    souadam says:

    "Cheery, happy and a wonderful friend to have. Her photos reflect her utter loveliness and her amazing travels across the world. An absolute delight to stumble across the mundane goings on of Debenhams and Taunton and the excitement of international travel all described in brilliant (and occasionally baffling) detail.

    This woman is a gem and you should add her to your contacts list quick sharp. She's also an amazing flickrer as it is a rare occasion I upload a batch of comments without a thoughtful comment from her or at least a favourite. Like I said, a total gem."

    September 22nd, 2009

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    riviera 2005 says:

    "Spontaneous, generous and a great eye for the magical in the mundane."

    November 16th, 2008

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    utterlyutter says:

    "of a good"

    June 19th, 2007

June 2007
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