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this is me.

thank you for visiting my flickr page! have a look around. the best way to look for specific things is to browse throgh my collections on the right side of the page.

i am a graphic designer for a medium-sized church. i love graphic design and photography. flickr has been a huge contributor to my work for inspiration, technique, and equipment. i value the comments and critique i receive on my stream. thank you everyone, for stopping by, and thank you for the comments. i will post very little if any of my design work on this site, because i think it needs to be strictly for photography. i got into photography out of necessity. with design work, it was easier to compose that "exact shot", rather than spend hours searching for stock photography, buying it, and more time in photoshop rendering a composite of several images, for it still not to come out "exactly what you had in mind". however, i have come to love it, and will do everything i can to become a better photographer. anywho... thanks again for stopping by and taking the time to read this...please leave a comment.

i began shooting with only available or natural light without manipulating it, and later moved on to some DIY equipment and SB-800 strobes. i love natural light as well as strobes for different reasons and depending on the subject and feel i want to achieve.

oh, and please, please no rude, lude, or otherwise discusting comments on my photos - or you will be blocked. flickr is a happy place - let's keep it that way.

thank you.

if you're interested in purchasing a photo for use or would like to speak with me about a shoot, please just send me a message via flickr.

i shoot nikon digital
i shoot canon film
typically you'll find me with my nikon D200
my favorite lens...hmm...i like them all, but gravitate toward primes - 35mm1.8, 50mm1.8, 85mm1.8, and i also like my sigma 70-200 f2.8.
but if i could only choose one it would be my 50mm f/1.8. it's stubby and sharp!

i love my wife and daughter. they are my main inspiration and most often now, my subjects. the little one doesn't object as much as the big one does.

here are some of my favorite internet hangouts and sources of inspiration:


all images © damon hair 2011

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    Anne Ruthmann says:

    "Damon is just a damn cool guy. I love that he's constantly experimenting and trying something new!"

    1st September, 2008

September 2006
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