Thank you for coming to my wife's and my page. We greatly appreciate everyone that views/comments/faves our pictures and enjoy looking at our contact's pictures as well!

DetroitDerek Photography is a combination of my wife Kerry Farr and I ( Derek ). In our photos we convey the beauty, grit, grime, and personality of Urban Life. We believe nothing encompasses this better than our city of Detroit. Bringing to life Detroit’s unique and sometimes forgotten history is one of our great joys and passions. If you are in the film or video industry, I also work as a location scout consultant ( most recently in the Ronnie Dunn Video "Cost Of Living" ) - contact me and let's talk.

My wife and I do sell our pictures and have quite a few of them already printed on Fuji or Kodak Professional Metallic paper ( if we don't have it in stock it only takes a week to get it ) . If you are interested please send me an email at with the pictures and sizes you are interested in. In many cases we can frame the picture as well, and have frames available in black, mahogany, and dark brown and if you're in the Detroit area I'll deliver it to you.

I was born and grew up in in Toronto/Niagara Falls ( Chippewa actually ) and live now in Detroit ( by way of Southend/Shenfield in England ). My parents were originally from Holland and England - I got a chance to visit a lot of places when I was younger. I am a 25+ year veteran musician who got into photography at the end of July 2007. I've played bass guitar with P-Funk, Tom Jones, Rev. Right Time, The Providers, sat in with the Temptations, and many other bands.

I like history, especially old buildings and the signs painted onto those buildings. My wife's pictures are in the Kerry's Pictures Set. We try to put as much detail and history as we can about each picture.

I'm left-handed but play bass and cut with scissors right-handed for some reason ( random useless information ). We hope you like our pictures and thank you again for everyone that views/comments/faves our pictures!

++++ 1st note - If you want to use my pictures for books, blogs, magazines, etc - please - just ask me BEFORE you use them. I'm not that hard to work with. Thanks!

++++ 2nd note - if you do not have a picture icon and NO pictures in your profile the odds of me blocking you are pretty good. My wife and I are here to show off our pictures & enjoy going thru our contact's pages. If you don't have any pictures then that kind of defeats the purpose we're here, right? If you have any questions email me at .

Our pictures have been featured in ( or used by ):

Eminem ( "The Way I Am" ) in his autobiography, Gaz Coombes "Detroit" CD cover, Ronnie Dunn " The Cost Of Living" Video, The Book " World's Lost Places". The American Architectural Foundation, GQ magazine, Penguin Books, Scholastic, Pearson Publishing U.K., Detroit Metro Times, the film "Packard: The Last Shift", Sigur Ros, MSN, Ty Hutchinson "Corktown", climbing poeTree,, Conde Nast, Enroute Magazine ( Air Canada ), The Heidelberg Project, PBS, "Groovesville USA - The Detroit Soul & R&B Index", Ben & Jerry's, The Kresge Foundation, Absolute Michigan, Wayne State University Press, Marshall M. Fredericks Sculpture Museum, Next American City Magazine, Chicago Reader, Detroit.About.Com, Woman's Day, Tomorrow Magazine, L'Internaute Magazine, Utne Magazine, Schmap, Ben Murphy, Smashing Magazine, Amateur Snapper, Threeminds, Listverse, WDIV Detroit, "Boneyards - Detroit Under Ground", The University Of Michigan "Michigan Quarterly Magazine", and a host of others.

View my DNA at

DetroitDerek. Get yours at

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    HWMonty says:

    "Derek's word is truly a treasure. As a native Detroiter, he has opened my eyes to a history of a city that is in many ways unfortunately undervalued, underappreciated and largely forgotten. Without question his work definitely belongs in an educational curriculum."

    October 25th, 2009

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    Brian Callahan ( says:

    "Derek is a highly skilled artist and photographer with an encyclopedic knowledge of Detroit and its history and culture. He not only documents that history and culture, but is actively adding to it, with his music and art.

    As a friend, both on FLICKR and Exposure Detroit, Derek has the generosity of spirit that seems to go with great talent. He is constantly supportive and helpful.

    You will be well rewarded if you peruse Derek's photostream, and get to know one of the really "good guys" on FLICKR."

    September 1st, 2009

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    SCOTTS WORLD says:

    "Derek Farr is a very artistic person....whether it be his music or one of his new passions, photography. He commits to everything with his heart and soul (I should know, we have been best friends for over 20 years) as can be seen through his artwork. Since beginning this new passion, he has been able to show a side of Detroit that many people never knew about (also check his photostream for his other great photos besides Detroit). With diligence and a steady hand, he has shown in his pictures not only the decay and ruins of the city (with well researched information for anyone that wants to explore), but also the beauty of the city. He makes both sides into works of art that everyone can appreciate. May his eye for the unconventional continue to capture what may not be around in the years to come."

    June 24th, 2009

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    accurate bike says:

    "Derek's work is essential, and he is an encyclopedic resource for all things Detroit. This photostream should be a part of the DPS curriculum."

    May 19th, 2009

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    Ray-48 says:

    "Derek is capturing and preserving images of Detroit one building at a time. His dialog on them is very informative as to what they are or were in the city. If you are looking for information about Detroit and its buildings check out Derek's photo stream."

    March 8th, 2009

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    buckshot.jones says:

    "Detroit has history and it has a soul, Derek captures it all with his lens then provides the history behind the scene. Very cool. I figure it takes a musician to capture such a raw and wonderful place like Detroit. Sit back, click on slide show, and take a tour of a great town shot through a creative eye."

    February 1st, 2009

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    goatmanbaldy - Proud Extremist Right Wing Wacko says:

    "Derek has a way of taking the decay and darkness of a city and making it into beautiful photos. He preserves pieces of history that may not be around next year."

    January 1st, 2008

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