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One of my photographs made the cover of a book!
Stencil Nation Book Cover The Plywood Goddess

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Thanks very much to for posting a web page summarizing Canadian Photography Laws.

Photography is still a dangerous hobby and occupation in Britain. Amateur Photographer: Photographer held by police under terrorism powers.

The Guardian: Calling the police to account "From today, it is illegal to photograph the police, despite the fact that they use increasingly aggressive techniques to record us."

The Guardian: "Are photographers really a threat?" A really good article by Bruce Schneier on photography and terrorism with quite a few links to examples of photographers getting questioned, harassed, arrested, etc.

The most ludicrous things are happening to people wielding cameras in Britain: "Camera – Terrorists need information. Observation and surveillance help terrorists plan attacks. Have you seen anyone taking pictures of security arrangements?" Metroploitan Police: If you suspect it, report it

GOOD NEWS! Stop-and-search powers ruled illegal by European court

The paranoia in (not so) Great Britain well depicted by Flickr's illegalphotos:


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    steveoftheweb says:

    "Subtle and subversive, designwallah's keen eye finds irony in the urban and melancholy in the urbane."

    June 25th, 2007

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    "He's simply the best to find street art."

    May 8th, 2007

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