Artist, artisan, creative. Endlessly on the go, there'll be time to rest when I'm gone. A mind that races like a ferrari engine I'm at my best on the open road of free flowing thought, unconstrained; energised: stick me in the mental traffic jams of tedious or unstimulating task and I struggle big time - and don't even mention paperwork! If I'm on the beach I don't sit there, I make sand sculptures, if I'm home watching telly I'm thinking, designing, creating. A dozen projects on the go at any one time there just aren't enought hours in the day, days in the week, weeks in the year. In the mean time, so much to design and make, so little time.

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  • Reed Warbler  Acrocephalus scirpaceus by M Maddock
  • Broad Bodied Chaser   Libellula depressa by M Maddock
  • Tea Stall - Delhi, India by Maciej Dakowicz
  • cleethorpes-04 by Russell Watkins
  • end of season by jonfholl
  • Whitby by Fazer44
  • in shadow ... by John FotoHouse
  • Day341 - sunshine and showers at Scarborough by JonTait2002

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Alex Drummond
July 2010