A Prism of Shadows: Self-portrait in Front of A Brick Wall

I am collecting the dots instead of connecting them.

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    acrid hose says:

    "Derrick is one of the most surrealist photographers on Flickr."

    March 24th, 2011

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    Emmy Vesta says:

    "There is more said by Derrick's photos than in an English dictionary. Sometimes, when we cannot find the words, Derrick finds the meaning with his photos.

    Truly a beautiful soul.

    Thank you. *heart*"

    December 19th, 2010

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    [ Noctiflorous ] says:

    "It's not easy to write you a testimonial. I don't know how to start. Words can't translate what I feel while admiring your art. I love your mind-heart-eye sensibility. Your genius is present in every single detail you capture. What you do, it's like a punch on the stomach , a jurney through the human condition(s).

    Long live DerrickT !"

    October 7th, 2010

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    Abbey Koczur says:

    "I really don't think I can EVER explain how brilliant you are, so I will just say that you have one damn amazing brain, my friend.

    I am truly glad you found me so that I could find you."

    April 23rd, 2010

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    rudedee says:

    "I'm not exactly sure why I haven't written one o' these for you before, but without going into grandiose technical ramblings: your stuff basically embodies much of consumes me so much in (conceptual) photography. Each image is so fuckin much more than the sum of its aesthetic parts, and you are a gorgeously terrifying storyteller. Keep shooting of course, because you are a surreal delight to the retina."

    November 26th, 2009

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    Marsida.Lekaj says:

    "it's been a while i wanted to write this for you. the fact is, i couldn't find the right words. i've written testimonials for others in flickr too...but it is different for you. you are a clever mind, and you have a refined taste for art. i adore your version of the human condition. i'd love to have your genius, seriously...i guess, if i was a boy, i'd love to be you:)
    thanks derrick, for sharing your world!"

    September 12th, 2009

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    emmily shaw says:

    "such a great deep and moody photostream, full of mystery and wonder in each frame."

    December 11th, 2008

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    Eni Turkeshi Imagery says:

    "it`s such a great pleasure to see the imagery of a very special mind and it`s visions such as Derrick`s!"

    July 21st, 2009

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    there is sun in my eyes says:

    "derrick, you are effortlessly more to me than a testimonial. your words are blessings to me always. i enjoy your work through and through. you are a brilliant artist. thank you for everything you are."

    July 3rd, 2009

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    ~~~Christi~~~ says:

    "DerrickT - He is our golden pinecone. :))"

    October 7th, 2008

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    Conor Ryan says:

    "Derrick is simply a treasure. A surrealist in the best sense of the word; one who can see with depth, richness, seriousness and tenderness - yet fully understands the total horrifying absurdity of life. The comments he leaves are thoughtful, and always lift my spirits. It is people like Derrick who give me real hope for humanity. Flickr is really lucky to have him...

    And dang!! He is so talented!!!!"

    August 21st, 2008

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    taraviolet. says:

    "he's a poet.
    his images are visual poetry.
    his mind is bubbling with fresh ideas and photographic talent runs through his veins.
    his photostream is amazingly lovely.
    his comments on my photos are pure poetry and very kind.
    what an incredible photographer."

    August 16th, 2008

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    chiara balza says:

    "why i should write a testimonial for derrick?
    well, first of all he is just alike my boyfriend (and thats a good reason!!)
    and then.. well.. look to this stream and you will know why.."

    June 14th, 2008

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    better pigs says:

    "Just watch him grow and expand. No limits to Derrick T"

    May 7th, 2008

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    Monkey T says:

    "If you're looking for some emotional and expressive B&W shots you're in the right place.......
    always original never predictable.....
    just Derrick T"

    April 18th, 2008

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    kristi. says:

    "you win."

    April 1st, 2008

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    aubrey. says:

    "If I had the ability to express my (quite) extreme feelings of awe and pure amazement when I view any of Derrick's photos, and experience his refreshing, thought-provoking perspective and point-of-view, the ever-striking presence of wonderful thoughts and words bringing to life, to meaning (as if they didn't already posses it) these incredible images, or when I read the heart-warming, smile-worthy comments he so graciously leaves for me.

    Believe me, I would."

    March 26th, 2008

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    daydream scream says:

    "...and i sure do like this guy's pictures."

    March 24th, 2008

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    Ömer Babadag says:

    "Derrick is art himself..."

    March 22nd, 2008

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    little morning says:

    "I’ve always think that Derrick is good and creative with words, but when I see his pictures, I can’t stop thinking about his world and mind.
    His portraits –full of moving and sensitive faces- are tempting and seductive; is like they are about to jump out of the frame and paint your own landscape with a new sense, a weird and charming one.
    He and his powerful world make me think about movies, literature, moments and life.

    He is simple but complex... complex but simple.
    He has the hand of a painter and the eye of a writer.

    Besides, he is one of the kindest and encouraging persons I’ve ever met here. And that’s not minor. So, please, go and take a rest on his pictures. You’ll feel refreshed."

    February 12th, 2008

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    lucy_nka says:

    "Oh thank bloody God that Derrick is here to make sense of the disarray that is called life.. out of the chaos that is the mundane, you stumble upon DT's universe, where -although grammatically correct (I think. wait, no.. can't make bets on this one)- words and images don't exactly run parallel to each other. And they're not meant to. This is not a space for passive thinking or a passive existence, you see. You are here to be challenged, you are here to think differently, and you are here to realize that you will look at the images before you several times before you come to some degree of being content with your interpretations. But no worries.. this is no contest to be won. There is power, wit, humor and superb intellect happening in this stream, but what's more, there is so much goodness and love, love, love at the same time.. trust me when I say this- you will not find a stream more engaging, mind-bending, and entertaining than Derrick's. Now stop reading and go look at the images already."

    February 2nd, 2008

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    brash wax says:

    "Your shots captures the soul of great silences...and the poetry of a second passage.

    Great silence DerrickT.....-O-O-"

    November 28th, 2007

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    fred.c.fred says:

    "...words as if it was canine, sink in the fragile neck
    of the beast

    veins, spasmodics poetry and other grins

    like fresh food for the soul."

    October 28th, 2007

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    Oℓivia says:

    "Derrick takes the most amaaazing photographs!

    And he's a genius too, did you know that?


    October 24th, 2007

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    *Kit* says:

    "I love the dark, conceptual and poetic photography of Derrick. It is the most unique photostream I've seen on Flickr. What's more, he's such a terrific person whom I'd love to share a drink with. ;p

    Thank you for being here and sharing your wonderful works with us, Mr. DerrickT!! :))"

    October 12th, 2007

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    D (Light) says:

    "to pot it plainly- true ART done by a true ARTIST!
    if you want to take your mind for a run watch his pix!

    October 8th, 2007

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    Яї says:

    "A rare and extraordinary gentleman this Derrick is. I am certain."

    September 13th, 2007

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    Opal in the rough says:

    "Derrick's collages really intrigue me. He's quite a creative lad. I enjoy his stream immensely. "all is full of love"
    *edit* I've realized this testimony really does not do justice to Derrick's art. Since I've gotten to know him, (as much as you can know someone through online text and pictures) I've been inspired to laugh, create, and even blush. Derrick is truly a one-of-a-kind photographer with a sincere vision that would make Daren and Dali go "Wow" He is among my favorite flickr friends, photographers and poets.
    gumdrops and Saturdays,

    September 11th, 2007

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    eustacia42 says:

    "DerrickT is a dark and mysterious fountain, out of which rushes forth pure beauty."

    September 6th, 2007

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    tamjpn says:

    "Dream like scenes in his works are staged out of his daily lifestyle and they're all so poetic, evocative and fascinating. Everytime I visit his photostream I feel as if I step into another world, another reality, where your imagination can roam free. And yes, it definitely feels great. ;)"

    September 3rd, 2007

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    Ari Hahn says:

    "Pictures with umbrageous luminosity, and someone who can appreciate desipient pedantic playfulness. Truly a rare gem. It is a good flickr day when I find a newly posted DerrickT photo."

    August 31st, 2007

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    Merkur* says:

    "thank you 4 making me a contact, now I can write this:

    Derick, you are sick, and you know that, and that's why I like you,

    August 2nd, 2007

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    April Love Photography says:

    "If I were half as good with words as DerrickT is I would write paragraphs here-however I am not good with words. I can only state that he is a genius. With is creative perspective and his wonderful writtings to go along with his magnificent photos. His photo stream is one to be adored!"

    July 16th, 2007

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    adjoining muscle says:

    "Derrick's photos hit you like a blast of cold fresh pine-scented mountain air right after a rainstorm. They're that good. And the man himself is about as cool as a beach barbeque in the summer after a day spent riding the waves. Someone should upload his mind so that future generations can have access to his wisdom and expertise.

    Shine on, my friend!"

    July 15th, 2007

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    B-Page says:

    "Derrick is just all out coolness and ever growing."

    July 3rd, 2007

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    Yrigoyen) says:

    "from derrick's page runs an everglowing stream of knowing, sensing, feeling & singing. he truly knows the meaning of the sentence "a thing of beauty is a joy forever" & knows how to twist it into beautiful imagery to prove it. his photos & mindbendingry carries with it the promise of addiction, & that's never a bad thing.

    keep fondling that wondrous orb in the sky brother!

    & yeah, i know how he likes his eggs: geometrically confounded."

    July 5th, 2007

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    innocent string says:

    "He's a very strange guy...and thank god for that."

    June 12th, 2007

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    receptive finger says:

    "Simply put. love, love, LOVE!!!!!"

    May 30th, 2007

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    auspicious quince says:

    "DerrickT is enormously influential to me...not only as an artist, but as a friend. I treasure his imagery and his words. He is kind, sincere, and generous. Brilliant, substantial creativity, Derrick, I wish you all the best...shine on!"

    May 18th, 2007

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    jon madison says:

    "that brother from another planet!
    what a way with words--no equal round these parts"

    May 5th, 2007

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    s-a-m says:

    "Derrick is one of the most expressive artists here on flickr and i think that's really amazing! He is one who is never ever lost for words, and I love how he provokes so much emotion and thoughts with his brilliant words. You're one of a kind you know?

    I would love to sit him down, and look inside his head & at least just attempt to comprehend what goes on in there. ;D keep it up.


    April 30th, 2007

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    Fooolintherain says:

    "First i would like to say thank you for always looking at my silly pictures and making me feel like a photographer.I don't know how you do it but, you always have endless supply of words and imagination. All of your photographs inspire me and i thank you for that. One day we will collaborate and we will open the gates of hell. Can't wait!"

    April 26th, 2007

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    enormous knife says:

    "We should clone DerrickT and make the world a better place.
    Awesome photographer...I don't know what to label his photography.....experimental, nouveau film, alternative, it's all good."

    April 3rd, 2007

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    panic-embryo says:

    "If I could post an image to express, in a moment, my sheer admiration for a visually perceptive and linguistic genius, I would. It would be the only way I truly could as well.

    If you think stop-motion in real life, practice circles with closed eyes, contemplate every flavoured combination of unfolding time and get used to screwing your head back on after illogical encounters - knowing an individual such as Derrick will be like experiencing how lights dance in a room just after you've switched on a christmas tree. Ever-illuminating. Ever-diverse. Ever-inspiring. Multi-coloured with spontaneity and forever welcome in your home.

    We are all thoroughly blessed to know you.
    Shine on, my friend!"

    February 28th, 2007

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    Katie West! says:

    "I have had Derrick on my contact list for quite awhile, but sometimes we do that. Add a contact, and forget, and then not notice the brilliance that passes under us daily. But then I was on someone elses photostream and Derrick had posted in a comment something he'd written. And it was his writing that made me come back and try to add him as a contact, again.
    Flickr is brimming with very talented photographers, but I always like it when I find a photographer who is just as good with words as they are with the camera. My secret guilty pleasure...and Derrick certainly pleases."

    January 11th, 2007

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    Dead Air says:

    "Am I allowed to write a testimonial about Derrick even though I'm not a beautiful female photographer? ;-)

    In all seriousness though, I have a confession. When DerrickT first arrived making comments in my photostream and inviting me to join all manner of strange and surrealistic Flickr groups, I was suspicious. Yes, I realize this is ridiculous, but his enthusiasm and friendliness just seemed a bit too good to be true. Perhaps maybe I've met too many creative people outside of Flickr who always belie such positivity with a catch. Derrick seemingly is catch free.

    Oftentimes these testimonials are of little worth, as rather than reading them you could be looking at the photostream they are talking about. While you certainly should spend several hours, if not days and weeks, doing just that with Derrick's amazing ultra-surreal expression, a look at his scads of testimonials actually unearths something more. The man is an i-n-s-t-i-g-a-t-o-r!

    If ever there were an artist and organizer who led by example, it's Mr. D.T. If there's not a Flickr group dealing with something he thinks is crucial - he starts it. In fact, he's inspired others to start a group in his honor. His work makes people beg to collaborate with him, which is actually unnecessary, as he's most often completely up for it. He does things with his photography and the way he shows it on Flickr (such as his amazingly poetic titles and sublime tags) that influence other artists in this community all over the world. I personally am pleased and honored to list him as an influence.

    You can tell that Derrick has been given some very worthwhile encouragement at home. He collaborates with and directs nearly all of his family in his photos at some time or another, and they are all beautiful freaks too! Of course, how could they not want to be in his photos? It's like starring in a movie where the viewer gets to write large chunks of the narrative. Derrick is ever exuberant when viewers do just that too. He virtually responds to every comment he gets.

    There's more I could say, but then I would spend more time writing about the photos themselves. No point in that - they're just a couple clicks away fellow traveler!"

    January 7th, 2007

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    myrte voogt says:

    "Derrick is the kindest, most artistic, talented soul on flickr! Photography, collage, film, he can do it all! Always inspiring. And with every comment he just gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside ;D
    Love yah & keep on shining! ;)"

    December 29th, 2006

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    ☀Benjamin says:

    "Derrick - the reinventor of the uninventable. Derrick's stream serves up a kaleidescopic hurdy gurdy of expressionist ephemera, a mindboggling melange of Dali moustache wax, Duchampian boot polish and the uncomfortable discovery that Godot has, in fact, arrived... and we've just finished the last cup of cut tea.

    His images speak not only to the conscious, the subconscious and the unconscious, but engage the pre-conscious on route to niggling the neo-post conscious with delectable eclectica and inside-out, upside-down and red-side-purple confabulations.

    His words hum and gallop like a unicorn playing petanque and his images rewire our minds for higher, yet-known purposes. The day we know what to expect next is a day that will simply never, ever arrive.

    Shine on, dear friend, that tuxedo awaits!"

    December 9th, 2006

  • view profile

    Pattay says:

    "the samuel beckett of photography!

    derrick's experimentations are as endless and creative as his imagination. beautifully strange. exquisitely bizarre. the photos in his stream are a trip to a brilliant and extraordinary universe.

    thank you derrick, shine on!"

    December 7th, 2006

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    fallacious sky says:

    "I'd like to favorite every single image in Derrick's stream. The collages are kick ass. In a world full of violence and profanity, we need more artists like DerrickT. Keep it up! You can be sure that I will be watching. Peace."

    December 6th, 2006

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    hellophotokitty says:

    "Every once and a while, I come across a photographer who's wonderous insight into the human condition shakes me to the core of my being - DerrickT is one of them. Each image in his stream is like a new discovery, a backstage pass to the theater of the absurd. His ability to capture moments that are so fleeting is mesmerizing. When I look at his photo stream, I feel as if I am looking through the eyes of Henri Cartier Bresson who is living in the mind of David Lynch. Each image, a new discovery into the land of the living and dreaming."

    December 5th, 2006

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    Lú_ says:

    "It is entirely right that there is an explosive verbiage of testimony on Derrick's profile. Witness to the explosive talent that pulls us into Derrick's still/moving/abstract/objectified/verbal/visual/musical world so we can be spun around and thrown out somewhere new. I'll say it's an blissful experience and Derrick will laugh and say something I could not have anticipated. But I'm betting he'll know what I meant."

    December 4th, 2006

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    Richelle Ludwick says:

    "Wonderfully creative, and always makes me happy!"

    September 13th, 2006

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    CinemaCowgirl says:

    "Tongue-twisting mind-bending imagery, classically reminiscent of lost, late-night dream hauntings and filmic ideas birthed from a laboratory basement. Derrick consistently, reliably and masterfully provides highly original and psychological feasts for hungry eyes.
    On top of this (as if there could be more!), he is an incredibly generous and encouraging individual!"

    August 23rd, 2006

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    lopsided weather says:

    "'Wow: To have a strong, usually pleasurable effect on.' The dictionary simply states how I feel about DerrickT and his work. :)*"

    August 22nd, 2006

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    ghostfield says:

    "for me, one of the "pillars," so to speak, of this website. such mood, insight, and talent. derrickT is the perfect example of what makes flickr so fascinating."

    August 17th, 2006

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    original_ann says:

    "Penetrating beyond what is superficial or obvious, a visit to Derrick’s stream is a delight-times-twentyfour. Photographs, collages, movie stills…, his talent pulsates with such vast spatial extension. Tilt your head this way, then that way: are these dreams? Or nightmares? Is that fantasy? Or reality? Am I feeling the infusion of film noir or cinema verite?

    If that weren’t enough to tickle one’s soul, listen to and feel his unique verbal rhythms. Though far from perspicuous, be not intimidated - - it’s quite coherent and you too can join in the fun. – And it’s this anti-luculence that transmits his sincere heart songs in the most uplifting swingin-swangin-dingy-dangin’ futuristic way."

    July 18th, 2006

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    maggie_le_chat says:

    "derrick changed my life today.

    his words and his work, as always,
    leave me speechless and humbled.

    i am eternally grateful to this wild ride that is flickr for friends like this. a thousand kisses blown your way, derrick!"

    July 3rd, 2006

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    zany comparison says:

    "“The most versatile of vegetables is the tomato” (said some guy called Craig Claiborne).

    i find it well nigh impossible to even imagine how to put together a decent testimonial for DerrickT - words alone are simply not up to the job at hand:)
    so i'll stick to a list of metaphors, or something similar, or something approaching a versatile vegetable of an explanation for what in the hell im really going on about here.
    okay -

    Derrick is the Elevator,
    the pinecone of cyclones;
    Derrick is the stake that put the beat back into the vampires heart.

    Derrick is the Thaumaturge who can peddle a unicycle
    across a tightrope
    whilst conducting a pan-dimensional orchestra
    of penguins, mice and birds.

    Derrick is the brass band
    the elastic band
    the firey gun hand
    of concept, imagery and words.

    Derrick is the fluctuating flux of Flickr.
    the protean prince of light.

    the tomato at it's goodliest;
    Craig Claiborne would be proud!

    xxxtwinkle on o' versatile onexxxx"

    July 1st, 2006

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    dear nest says:

    "A Stroll through Derrick's photo stream can be a trip, no it can't; it will be a trip! Bela Lugosi and Ingmar Bergman would be pleased to see what Derrick brings to us in form of photography, if they could.
    Trespassing the barrier between surreal and tragic-comic Mr. D tosses on us a whole new concept of creativity. Tenuously elaborated his photo stream guides us into a psychological game of words (very well placed words) and cinematographic images, full of subliminal messages and becoming then font of inspiration for many who like me, love the delights of his unique and sensitive mind posted on flickr. As if his work wasn't enough, behind the lens, behind the (sometimes) make up, behind the serious gazes which once in a while are featured in here, lays a wonderful human being, with an incredible capacity of passing his warmth, his beliefs, his opinions, and even his laughter through words and images without harming anyone. All my respect and admiration go to you Derrick!
    Never stop creating Derrick! Never stop writing!"

    June 21st, 2006

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    purple reaction says:

    "one of the most interesting poetical visual artists i am about to discover! u have a different color of existence...so conscious...so essential in yer movement ..so pure and surrealist~ilogic...
    may you touch the stars derrick T.


    June 17th, 2006

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    Jaqueline Vanek says:

    "Some shots of DerrickT are so damn silly and original... thats becouse I love his work :)!!! Go on like this DerrickT ;)"

    June 11th, 2006

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    sunburnsideup says:


    Derrick's words and images resonate with dynamic, ecstatic revelation and good humor. His vision is poetic to match his words, his perspective unique and refreshing. Every picture is an experience; Derrick's enthusiasm, spirit and wonder explode and exclaim right off the screen and into your eyes and you don't want to blink lest you miss a second of this boy's brilliance.

    Truly masterful."

    May 25th, 2006

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    Dima Zorkov says:


    Please read me carefuly.
    I met Derrick in the year of 1823. Since then he is somewhere near.
    Derrick iz complitely mad , you must see hiz pictures.

    Sorry, i have to go now."

    May 22nd, 2006

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    JOHNNY FOTO says:

    "Derrick, I love what he does and says.I just don't get it. But hey!...that's my fault.Something to strive for...that's it,he inspires me."

    May 17th, 2006

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    Oliver Ingrouille says:

    "If I was having a dinner party, this guy would most definitely be invited.

    As long as he brought some desert."

    May 10th, 2006

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    [kren] says:

    "Derrick is a poet."

    May 10th, 2006

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    reminiscent birds says:

    "Derrick T's optic sensibilities are a study in contemporary epistimological relativism, physco-observational abstractions, stark and often humorous reality and conceptualizations. These images congeal within the subconscience and then settle (or freeze) on the conscience which then may (and often do in my case) produce Tourette-like outbursts. His work is full of imagination, creativity and wit. I highly recommend spending some quality time viewing his images but beware; that is not a pair of glasses he wears, it is in fact a replica of an early camera designed by Emmanuel Radnitsky."

    April 25th, 2006

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    slight clutter says:

    "When I look at Derrick's photos, his collages, everything stops.

    I like that.

    Very much.

    He's in every shot. I've never met him, but I really feel that's the case.

    He also knows how to turn a phrase.

    Truly one of my favorites."

    April 20th, 2006

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    brocket jenny says:

    "in times of despair derrick has made sense of my life by making no sense at all!! i would go on a journey with him any timeand you should too :)"

    April 19th, 2006

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    Self Timer says:

    "“Child of the pure unclouded brow
    And dreaming eyes of wonder!
    Though time be fleet, and I and thou
    Are half a life asunder,
    Thy loving smile will surely hail
    The love-gift of a fairy-tale.”

    (Through the Looking- Glass/Lewis Carroll)

    It is so comforting to know,there are Men as Derrick in This world

    “Up above the world you fly.
    Like a tea-tray in the sky.
    Twinkle Twinkle-‘”


    (Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland/Lewis Carroll)"

    April 13th, 2006

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    Auntie K says:

    "Have you ever wanted to venture to the edge of reality, and maybe a little bit beyond it? Do you yearn to see visual improvisation in all of its subtle and wild glory?

    Say, “Yes”, and let Derrick’s photographic visions take you on an unforgettable journey! Each of his images expresses the humor, heart, mystery and wonder of life through his lens! Take a look at his “Black and White” photoset and find magic. His “Collages” set will put a smile on your face while you ponder the mysteries of life.

    All of these creations express Derrick’s curiosity, intelligence, poetry and brilliance. He’s a wonderful spirit and great flickr friend."

    April 12th, 2006

  • view profile

    nep75 says:

    "Derrick, the name assigned to this entity, perceives more freely and with less prejudice than most other people I know--virtually or otherwise. I do truly believe that he is in love with all, and thank goodness someone in this world is still willing to embrace that philosophy. His marriage of text and image birth full-blooded concepts. Go D!"

    April 11th, 2006

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    nonchalant wax says:

    "Derrick is an inspirational presence on Flickr. His photos evoke emotion and thought. I frequently find myself staring intently at his photo creations and trying to decipher exactly how I feel.

    His words are sheer poetry and his comments always welcome."

    April 4th, 2006

  • view profile

    dgray_xplane says:

    "DerrickT is the e.e. cummings of Flickr."

    March 30th, 2006

  • view profile

    seventytw0dpi says:

    "i love getting sucked into Derrick's bizarre surreal world. He's one of my favorite photographers....."

    March 11th, 2006

  • view profile

    fotoattack says:

    "BIGg "D"....is something else!! I LOVe his work and am ALWAYS inTrigued by him. I get soooo excited when I see a comment from DERRICK T. on my fotostream!! He's the man. Dana :)(:****"

    February 26th, 2006

  • view profile

    Velvet G says:

    "Derrick has a gift. Not only does he see the world around him in his own unique way, he's able to shape and bend it to his needs and put those thoughts into a medium we all can see and enjoy.

    I've been impressed from the start by his work and I like the way he pushes himself to get better. It shows in his work. Oddly enough, even with all of his talent, he's amazingly down to earth and very encouraging to the rest of us.

    He has one one of those streams you need to keep an eye on. I see big things in his future and it's kinda cool to watch it as it unfolds."

    December 28th, 2005

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    ssh says:

    "DerrckT is just an aweosme, wonderful and creative guy. I like his style and mostly the collages. They are extreamly superb and would always love to see it. "Cheers""

    November 26th, 2005

  • view profile

    -ViDa- says:

    "He has a character of his own ,very Unique n artistic. Creativity is pouring out of his ears! All i can say is Bravo!!! u pulled it off nicely DerrickT!!"

    November 5th, 2005

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    stepinrazor says:

    "Some of Derrick's photos really, really excite me."

    November 3rd, 2005

  • view profile

    Fenchurch! says:

    "Without fail, I am blown away by Derrick's work! His world is one rich with drama, emotion, and facination, wherein one can discover and delight in his colorful and creative ideas.

    Always a viewing pleasure."

    June 20th, 2005

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    Ms Entropy says:

    "Intense. Intense. Intense. Did I forget one? Intense."

    May 5th, 2005

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    endurable protest says:

    "If you're lucky enough, you just might see Derrick stuck in some oak tree, hiding under someone's picnic table or taking off on your brother's scooter...armed with a camera. Yep, that's Derrick and he's just that kind of kid at heart. But don't let this youngn fool ya, he's quite the intellect and then some and give him a camera and a pair of scissors and you'll find what he does pretty goddamn impressive. All of his images are a direct reflection of himself...soulful..adventurous and so sincere. He gives great conversation and uses fancy punctuation and sophisticated back talk like that of a 16th Century Romantic novelist. Yep, that's Derrick alright..."

    May 3rd, 2005

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    *Purplette* says:

    "I love his work, he bring the "A" to Art, and he is such a sweetheart and never fails to make me happy whenever I post any of my stuff.."

    April 30th, 2005

  • view profile

    lapinfille says:

    "Derrick's pictures are theater and drama beautifully and richly told in new and original ways. The old is new and you see things differently through his eyes. Whether it's an exploration of emotion, stripping away the layers of fear to unveil the beauty and purity of it, or a glorious sky, he is a rare and throughly enjoyable talent that is a privileged sight to see."

    April 26th, 2005

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    andersenKT says:

    "I feel the need to express my amazement at this photostream - it is so unique with the experimentation of portraiture, the elements of horror, and interesting abstract compositions. I have seen nothing else like it, and have thoroughly enjoyed perusing these photographs, each time finding something wonderful I hadn't seen before. Keep up the good work!"

    April 15th, 2005

Derrick Tyson
December 2004
A small dwelling on Pluto, or the artist formerly known.
Atlanta, GA
Defamiliarizing The Familiar
Lispy Whispers
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