Born and raised in Scotland but living for over a decade in China, the vast majority of my photographs landscapes of these two countries. However, a few other countries do feature.

In early 2006, I moved to China. I live in the northeast of the country. Over the last few years I have travelled as much and as often as I can (while working as a teacher) and taken my camera with me as I went. Just one week before going to China, I bought my first digital camera. It was a bargain basement deal in the local Tesco supermarket. It has only one fixed focus lens and no focus control but I didn't need much better. All the China photographs shown on my pages prior to 2008 were taken with this camera. I think you'll be surprised when I tell you that the camera used for these photographs cost just £30. I've now upgraded my cameras several times. Today, I mostly just use the camera on my phone. It is a perfectly decent camera though lacking a zoom.

The images posted on these pages here are raw. They come straight from the camera without any enhancement or polishing. At the most, I might straighten a squint horizon or tweak the contrast a little. So what you are seeing here is exactly what I saw. This also means that you can see all my mistakes. I've not photoshopped out telegraph lines or cropped off stray objects in the corners. The images here are really supposed to be a backup to my hard drive rather than for show, but feel free to view and comment.

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June 2006
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