I got my first real camera in November of 2009 so I am relatively new at this. I've enjoyed photography since my first high school class where we got to take some B&W on film and develop it, however never got around to really exploring it. While in college I even worked in a photolab to pay the bills. It seems photography was around me always.


My career path in life has mostly taken a technical direction however. I am a web developer by trade, although my job entails significantly more programming than design work.


Photography is just a hobby and probably will always stay that way. I am 100% self taught, however I am considering maybe taking some classes in the future.


I've been a lurker on flickr for many years but even after using it for only a couple months, I can see I'll be here a long time to come.


Thanks for viewing my profile, I hope that you enjoy my photostream. For the most part my images are marked CC so please feel free to use them, just link back to me where possible and send me an email, I would love to know where you are using them. Any photos with people are copyrighted because I can't guarantee I have their permission.

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