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* May this find you in the best of health and spirit / faith.
May God guide all those seeking truth and meaning.

TRYING striving to perfect my religion, deen (way of life) is 1st ONLY priority & as a part time tutor, educating the next generation (and ignorant boobs on the side when they feel the need to express/ display their ignorance)

i'm an admitted amateur photographer!
i'm addicted to the internet.

My life's passion is READING.

***Been real busy moving and got custody of my oldest (a teen daughter!) so ...haven't had too much time photograph or upload. Hope to start my henna booth again this summer and take sunset pics :) ***

In my youth i was affectionately called "crazy" or "weird" i was hyper, in clubs, & sports, some Honors as well as the class clown. This was because i grew up in the country, in the 80's and we only had three groups: preps, stoners, and kickers. I wadnt none 'o those. Everyone just knew me b/c I was outgoing, i made everyone laugh with my jokes and antics.
~~~NOW i would call myself an Indie Gypsy Nomad. I'm also a Muslim, ReVert 10+years. I dislike staying in one place too long, even though i find a perfect place i want to move in4-6 months.
I am usually spontaneous, energetic, adventurous and creative UNLESS i am completely spent from my motherly or adult responsibilities. All praise is due to Allah(alone) my good traits and bad.
I am naturally altruistic, open, friendly and fiercly loyal (mashaALlah) i love doing henna body art and I shared a booth at the local flea market with a friend last summer. When i don't get enough sleep i forget to eat and i am wired, irritable, impatient and sometimes quick-tempered, mayALlah guide me, forgive my sins, grant me patience and with better character, i may God willing have success in this life and the hereafter.

i love to learn just @EVERYTHING, (i am in awe of God's creation, intrigued by what i see and hear, fascinated by cultures, ppl and ideaologies)
i was in the healthcare field and currently in school to become a Licensed Massage Therapist. (Women only-don't even go there)
Again, I am a ReVert and i have always liked sitting on the floor to eat, and the "asian' culture little did I know I was meant to be Muslim! Even though Islam is my joy, AND my only true despair (for our faith fades and wanes like the moon phases acc.2the Prophet and I am grieved when i fail in my religious obligations which encompass my deeds and rights towards My Lord, myself and everyone i encounter, b/c HE (Allah) does SO MUCH for me)
While i am passionately, wholeheartidly, without any doubt every cell in my body, convinced, my mind and soul has CERTAINTY to my faith with, i hope dying devotion i am STILL laid back, non-judemental to all my fellow human beings whether Athiest, Pagan, Christian or Jewish and I enjoy discussing ideas and views with open minded, informed people.

I can be this complete two opposites b/c unlike some ppl when they couldnt get me to 'convert' when i was younger IT WAS the END of the WORLD to them, sometimes it almost ruined them. (cause they think i was not their narrow version-even though they have read only ONE book out of all the many historical figures, messengers, prophets, and guides some unconfirmed or unknown, some confirmed, the last being His servant Muhammad)
AYE am firm in what we call Qadr-divine decree or 'destiny'. It has all been written in a clear book the Angels have and Allah is the best of Planners and i trust in Him and his mercy to those that he chooses and He is sufficient for me. As to my Rabb, (Lord) may He forgive me when i have not been steadfast in my obligations to Him, first, then as a daughter, mother, sister(friend),neighbor, employee, and finally not steadfast in my role in society. Only He can forgive me when i have faltered in perfecting my worship, not attained sincerity Ihklas in his Oneness, lapsed in good manners or character. It is upon Him to accept my good intentions and grant me forgivness when i have not followed through for lack of constant rememberance of Him and being a slave to my wants and desires (nafs) and not a servant fearing HIM. If Shaytaan, Adam and all mankinds' enemy prevails over me and misleads me to the disobediance of my Beloved, Allah glory be to him -does not forgive me than I am surely one of the losers.

May ALlah forgive me if i said anything wrong all praise is due to him, He is Perfect and the mistakes are from me.

I have always liked photography but have not had the time, equipment or money to develop, scuz the pun. Ya'll come back again later I have an interesting vision i hope to explore soon but I have been computerless for a few months now :( God, how did I live B4 without Yahoo conference, Paltalk, Flickr and Gmail search?! ... oh, yeahhhhh,,,i READ printed material that you know, one finds on unbelievably thin sheets of tree?

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Umm Sakina
May 2006
San Antonio, Texas
Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A. (the word 'america' denotes freedom and this is NOT a democracy b/c ushbay stole the election and ALL the ppl DO NOt make the laws and decisions
I am:
Female and Taken
Mom, LMT
Teaching Mastery for the English Speaking Muslim Child