These images serve to flesh out the photojournalism side of my work in Saline Journal. In some cases (and where linked), they represent documentary photography in both chronological order and organized in Galleries. In other cases where little or no descriptive text seems necessary, they tell their own stories.

How to credit photographs

Most of my images posted here allow for Creative Commons use under Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0), and in those cases that is indicated. Any and all use of these images must be credited © 2019 Dell Deaton and Saline Journal, All Rights Reserved. USA. Unless specifically noted, no other content here is available for that or any other use.

Photography as journalism

Although my use of flickr didn't start until 2011, my professional work in national media dates back to 1984 – when I covered the appearance of Vice President Walter Mondale during his campaign stop at the University of Michigan, running against incumbent President Ronald Reagan. Before Saline Journal, the mainstream course of providing story and image content to other media was the path I followed. Confronted with the increasing instability of so many established channels, my partner and I launched our own publication as best means for assuring readers of ongoing continuity in reporting for areas we cover.

Again, content here does not just supplement that. It is integral to that commitment.

Black and white as default

Commitment to presenting images in black and white is more than simply a nod to our early work where this was the best way to produce quality images using high-ISO (ASA) film speeds and preferred method of transmitting them for use by distant licensees. We also believe it serves as a tie to that time, when journalism was, in fact, more clearly committed to confirmation of fact and objective reporting. Besides, if you're going to provide a select few images culled from a much larger acquired selection in covering news, shouldn't they make for attractive viewing as well?

Color images, then, are processed and posted here only when it is felt that such additional information actually adds value.

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