The reason I am here is because I love photography! Have done so since 1954. I enjoy sharing my works on flickr, but most of all I enjoy seeing what others have done with their hobby. This is so I can learn new ways of doing things; viewing scenes at different angles, and learning about my cameras.

My collection of cameras has expanded since I joined Flickr:

Canon EOS 500D
Canon Powershot S3 1S
Fujifilm X-PRO-1

Agfamatic Makro 6008 110
Canon AE-1 PROGRAM SLR 35mm
Canon EOS-1N SLR (with Power Pack) 35mm
Carl Braun Gloria Rangefinder 120
Exakta Varex IIb SLR (also with WLV) 35mm
Fed-2 35mm Rangefinder
Fujica GA645Zi 120 Rangefinder
Fujica GW690II 120 Rangefinder
Hasselblad 501C SLR 120
Kiev 4A 35mm Rangefinder
Kodak Autographic Brownie 120 (c.1910)
Kodak Brownie Flash II (Box) 620
Konica POP 35mm
Mamiyaflex 645 1000S SLR 120
Mamiyaflex C3 TLR 120
Minolta Auto Zoom 110
Olympus-Pen EE-2 35mm Half-frame
Pentax Auto Zoom 110
Pentax Auto Zoom SUPER 110
Pentax K1000 SLR 35mm
Pentax ME 35mm SLR
Pentax MZ-7 SLR 35mm
Pentax MZ-10 SLR 35mm (works but has some issues)
Pentax MZ-30 SLR 35mm
Pentax MZ-50 SLR 35mm
Pentax MZ-60 SLR 35mm
Pentax Z-10 SLR 35mm (3 with 2 in need of shutter repairs)
Pentax Z-20 SLR 35mm
Pentax Z-70 SLR 35mm (2)
Rollei A110
Rollei 35T 35mm (needs repair)
Rolleicord Va TLR 120
Voigtlander Vitessa 35mm Rangefinder
Yashica 44 TLR 127
Yashica-Mat TLR 120
Zeiss Ikon Nettax 120 Rangefinder
Zenit TTL (Moscow Olympics Edition) SLR 35mm
Zensa Bronica GS-1 SLR 120
Zorki-C 35mm Rangefinder

I try to comment on the majority of images I view, especially in the Pools I belong to. I do not accept invitations from pools that require comments on photos when posting mine. I do not join pools that embellish the Comments boxes with flashing and gaudy, meaningless messages, that say little or nothing about the image they have added it to. Nor do I respond to invitations from such Pools.

Photos of Degilbo on flickr (12)

  • 2010-06-14 10-50-45 Keeping the ears warm - IMG_8638 by Degilbo on flickr
  • 2010-09-02 11-06-58 In ink - one from the past by Degilbo on flickr
  • 2010-09-07 Self by Degilbo on flickr
  • 1998-12 At staff Christmas party by Degilbo on flickr
  • 20120821 Self-portrait with iPad and TtV Camera app by Degilbo on flickr
  • 20140220 New eyewear this morning! by Degilbo on flickr
  • Lance. by Refugee P
  • TILT ~ for the love of textures by aia*c (here when i can be)
  • TILT ~ light love by aia*c (here when i can be)
  • 2009-08-15 11-09-10 - Photographer's Shadow IMG_2977 by Degilbo on flickr
  • 2010-01-17 08-43-28 Self-portrait - IMG_1205 by Degilbo on flickr
  • Self Portrait with Rolleicord c.1957 by Degilbo on flickr

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April 2007
Gayndah, Queensland, Australia
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
I am:
Male and Single
Retired postal officer