I had to make my photos private and get rid of most of my groups because I was geeting about 10 new contacts a day who all had photos of naked people on their accounts. It's really very sad. Please, if you read this do not add me to your contacts unless you know me from somewhere. (OR if you are interested in seeing some nice photos of various things, such as my children and pets and such) I will block you if you have any rude photos in flickr...or if you have no photos. I'm sorry it has come to this.


I also want to apologize to my family members that aren't so great with computers...you can't see photos of my children now and that's just wrong. I pay for this service and I should be able to have you see these photos without you having to sign in, etc. I am sorry.


I hope all you perverts are happy.


I thought I'd also note that the pictures of Jessica Simpson are all taken from sweetkisses.net I'm a little obsessed with her and her outfits of the week, I run a group on here called jesssimpson. That's why I have all the pictures of her. Sorry if they annoy you, but you can check out my sets to avoid seeing Jessica so much.

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