I usually have a camera with me, even if only on my 'phone, although I use that only as a last resort. I am currently using a Sony RX10M4.


My particular fields of photographic interest are; landscapes, transport (especially railways), weather/skies (night or day), flora, fauna and architecture.


I only comment individually on peoples' photos - I never use Groups' semi-automatic comment functions which I find too impersonal. If a photo is worth a comment, it's worth a specific, considered one.


Most 4K videos are too large to upload to 'Flickr', so my 'YouTube' channel can be found under my name 'Ian Docwra' here:



It's mainly steam railway sequences, with some wildlife and miscellaneous scenes.

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  • JoinedNovember 2009
  • OccupationPublic Transport Management (London Underground)
  • HometownKingston-upon-Thames, Surrey
  • Current cityBrockham, Surrey
  • CountryEngland
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