I'm an Oakland gal and the "Debbie" in http:debbiedoescakes.net
I am a cake designer specializing in sculpted cakes.
Flickr is a fun way to share photos with friends and clients alike but by SHARE I do not mean COPY or STEAL. All images are the property of Debbie Does Cakes and any reproduction is strictly prohibited. Let me make this clear: PLEASE DON"T STEAL MY PICTURES OR IDEAS, it's not cool , it's not flattering, it's immoral AND it's illegal!! To this end, I DO NOT replicate other designer's work....EVER. I cannot send instructions since this is my business.Let me say that again, I do not give instructions tips, advice, etc...I do not reveal my techniques so please don't bother asking.
Oh yeah and if you have no photos or profile, you may not favorite any of my pics, if you take you have to give =0)
And... GOSH! I can't believe I have to say this but, please don't steal my business name! Registered trademark pending....
I do NOT ship cakes, and am in The San Francisco area.
And one more don't for the road, I DON'T make tiered , sheet, or any traditionally shaped cakes at all. I offer sculpted cakes exclusively, this is what makes Debbie does Cakes different.As of July 2011 we no longer offer cupcakes.
View my photos at bighugelabs.com

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Debbie does cakes
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also please visit my blog debbiedoescakes.blogspot.com

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    shirleymoon says:

    "Every cake is a piece of artwork!! I love all the cakes! :)"

    30th December, 2008

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    Hey There, Cupcake! says:

    "Debbie is awesomely talented! I can only hope to get to her level of cake decorating. Seeing her pictures only makes me work harder at my own cakes! Thank you for inspiring me!"

    16th September, 2008

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    artofdessert says:

    "Debbie is undisputably a cut above the rest. She never fails to amaze me with her cakes; they are truly works of art."

    28th July, 2008

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    Lollipops and Slingshots photography ~ aka sweetTc says:

    "I have to say that I am totally blown away by this chick. She is one of the most amazing designers I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. She truely is an artist and I hope to continue to witness here magic.. You rock Girl!!"

    2nd April, 2008

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    shirleywilson39 says:

    "No one does a 3D cake like Debbie. So lifelike you would think you could pick up one of the dogs and pet them. So much talent in one person.

    6th January, 2008

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    flourgirl2007 says:

    "Debbie is one of my favourite cake designers - her talent, creativity and sense of style leaves me in awe on a daily basis! I love seeing what she comes up with and her skills with buttercream and an airbrush is mindblowing!"

    18th October, 2007

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    Lorraine McKay/Extra Icing says:

    "Debbie's creativity and talent leaves me lost for words....and that is a BIG achievement for anyone! She takes cake making and decorating to a whole new level inspiring all who have the privilige to view her work. She has a wicked sense of humour which is a must in this game and I consider it an honour to know her! Debbie...you're a genius!"

    28th May, 2007

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    kylie lambert (Le Cupcake) says:

    "Debbie is truly an artist, with awe inspiring cakes! Her work is so unique, she holds people in amazement with her creations! Her attention to detail is wonderful with many of her cakes so realistic it's hard to tell whether they are real or not! She also contributes so well to other Flickr members, with her encouragement & lovely comments!
    This testimonial is well over due!"

    20th March, 2007

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    timthechef says:

    "She by far creates some of the most amazing cakes I have ever seen!!!"

    24th November, 2006

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    Cake Lush by Greggy Soriano says:

    "Her cakes are so fun to look at....puppies, rats, sushi...everything... are all life-like!!! She's mastered the art of sculpting cakes into edible, too pretty-to-eat, works of art."

    14th June, 2006

Debbie Goard
December 2005
raleigh, NC
oakland, CA, USA
I am:
cake designer