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My first photography experience was around 50-years ago when I made a penhole camera in "Graphic Arts" class. We took photos of each other, developed them and then learned composition from our junior high instructor.

I bought myself a Yashica 44 with mowing money and the rest is history. I've run hot and cold about photography over the decades, but always appreciated the great start that I got at Oceanway Junior High in North Florida.

I got into digital photography around 2006 with the purchase of a Canon G7. Now I'm using Canon's 5D MkIv and the 5DS-R with several L-series lenses, including an EF 500mm f/4L IS II USM.

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I shoot 100% in Raw and convert my images to jpeg using DxO Optics Pro and make global adjustments in DxO. . For stitching panoramas or making multi-image HDRs, I use Photoshop.

I'm a Getty Images Artist

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  • Me, Shooting Wildflowers by dcstep
  • Braving the Ice by Jay Groce
  • SP while in the inside passage, just North of Ketchikan by dcstep
  • Birder and his hot-rod by colographicalchemy I'm back
  • A serious birder by colographicalchemy I'm back
  • Birder 2 by colographicalchemy I'm back

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    Patricia Ware says:

    "I'm not even sure how we became friends on Flickr, but I can't thank David enough for the help and support he has given me with my photography. I am fairly new to this wonderful hobby and have had a difficult time understanding how to get the exposure set correctly. So Dave not only explained it to me, but he also gave me links to various articles on the Internet which had even more detail.

    He also gently critiques my work telling me how to set my camera to get the correct exposure. He taught me how to set the EV differently for various conditions. I usually take photos of birds, and white birds, he explained, need -EV to bring out their details, whereas black birds need +EV.

    He always looks at what I've posted and if he marks it as a favorite, I know I've done well. Dave's the best!"

    December 30th, 2010

David Stephens
November 2007
Jacksonville, FL
Denver, CO, USA
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